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For any PR Pro

Our public relations software meets all your agency and corporate needs, fostering collaboration with ease
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In house PR teams

Empower in-house PR with centralized news, accessible for journalists, and all the info they require
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PR freelancers

Manage and collaborate with your clients to boost their reputations and help them grow
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Small business

Kick-start your PR with a proactive approach focused on creating the news
PR database

Media distribution & database

Enhance your media outreach with our Media Distribution feature: Create personalized journalist databases, build real relationships, and ensure your pitches reach the right inboxes efficiently.
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Screenshots of our media database, one of the features of our PR toolScreenshots of our media database, one of the features of our PR dashboard
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Traditional PR vs. Digital PR
In the world of Public Relations, there is a choice between traditional PR (sometimes called offline PR) and digital PR. Both have their pros and cons, both are great for boosting brand awareness. Yet they're quite different. This article will break down the differences between traditional and digital PR.
Content boost

Integrated content creation

A unified workspace for seamless collaboration. Customize, invite, create, and publish content without switching tools. Your one-stop shop for content, stories, approvals, and publishing.
PR Reports

Coverage reports

Craft flawless, trustworthy PR reports effortlessly. Leave the sleepless nights behind—no more screenshotting coverage, hunting for metrics, or formatting presentations. We handle design and metrics; you focus on captivating, coverage-driving storytelling.
Screenshot of our coverage reports, a feature of our PR toolScreenshot of our coverage reports, a feature of our PR software
Online readership
Screenshot of our coverage reports, a feature of our PR tool

Featured articles

Our selection shines with articles that promise depth, clarity, and an engaging reading
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  • “This PR tool is a game-changer! It’s innovative, accessible, and budget-friendly. The features, especially Pitch AI, have elevated my campaigns, securing media coverage and boosting client satisfaction. I’m thrilled with the growth I’ve experienced!”
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    Jacolene Jonker
    PR Executive, PRLab
  • “This PR software is so smart; it makes me feel like a genius! It's like having a PR wizard in my computer. Before using it, I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark with my PR efforts. Now, I'm confidently striding through the media landscape.”
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    Marco Genaro Palma
    Co-founder of TechNews180
  • “This PR software is an absolutely invaluable asset for our team. It not only simplifies media outreach, tracks performance, and streamlines reporting, but also enhances collaboration and communication, making our PR efforts incredibly efficient”
    Photo of Lea Soller, client of our PR Software
    Léa Soller
    CEO of Digiberries

Frequently asked question

Some answers for the most common PR software questions

PRHive is an all-inclusive, interactive toolkit that provides all the necessary features to easily create and manage the entire PR process, from initial development and collaboration to publication. At PRHive, we aim to expand the PR community by making it accessible to all PR experts and professionals.

If you feel siloed from clients, we can reintegrate you by centralizing your media relations with automated features such as media coverage reports, pitch AI, press release distribution, and media database software. We want to change the PR industry by making media coverage available to all businesses and giving all PR agencies the means to give these businesses a unique voice.

Traditional PR waits for news to happen. This approach is outdated in the fast-paced, digital era. We also know that access to expert PR services and media coverage, essential for business growth, is increasingly limited to those with substantial budgets. Most competitors offer tools to distribute press releases, but that’s not a sustainable approach because most companies simply don’t have news to share.

Instead of this reactive approach, we offer something fresh: a proactive, collaborative, and long-term strategy that creates timely, exciting news, a high-value PR experience, and keeps the media coverage flowing. Unlike platforms that cater to larger budgets, we focus on simplicity, collaboration, and accessibility. Our AI-powered software is the secret weapon for PR agencies looking to grow business and client results.

PRHive provides a workspace designed for smooth teamwork where you can create, customize, and publish content. PRHive stands out for its trustworthy coverage reports, generated without time constraints. You can elevate media coverage with our pre-made templates to help your content make headlines. Our AI integration also simplifies the writing process by eliminating writer's block and boiling messages down to the core parts. PRHive includes a Press Release Software that helps create and send your releases, monitoring who views it, and choosing the best time for maximum impact. This goes hand-in-hand with our Media Database Software, which can get your news to global journalists and influencers.

With our tools, you can measure the success of your PR campaigns through various features, depending on what you’re measuring. Our Press Release and Media Database software keeps you in the loop by allowing you to track your campaigns; whether it’s brand sentiment, mentions, location, or engagement. PRHive calculates impact so that you can alter your strategies accordingly. Our dashboard serves as your command hub, allowing you to access and share this content effortlessly, simplifying your workflow and organizing the needed data.

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