Best 50 public relations newsletters to read in 2024

One of the best PR practices is staying on top of the latest news, stories, and strategies, whether global news or internet culture. Newsletters are an effortless way to get quick, current, and relevant information as it drops. Here’s a list of the best 50 PR newsletters we recommend that will fuel your PR knowledge and cut out precious research time with the latest news.

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For some, it’s a daily ritual to open their inbox first thing in the morning and delete junk mail. But the right kind of newsletters, especially in public relations, can be an easy way into the most recent developments of news stories, campaigns, and strategies, so you don’t have to go looking for them. Oftentimes, PR newsletters get a bad rep for being the junk mail of the news world, filled with fluff and not much substance, but the right ones are the secret to managing your research and learning process.

There are two main reasons PR newsletters are beneficial.

Firstly, it cuts down your research time.

Rather than relying on news channels and shifting through top stories, a good newsletter will do this for you. You’ll get stories in digestible chunks, and you get the option of following up with additional research if it piques your interest.

Secondly, being in PR means continuous learning, flexibility, and staying ahead of new practices.

PR newsletters can be informative and engaging, offering strategies, tools, and tips you can use in your career. If you want more resources about the learning and knowledge aspect of PR, look at our list of best PR blogs to follow in 2024.

Arguably, the most important aspect is choosing the right newsletter. You'll save time if you curate your information intake with a handful of high-quality newsletters. Compelling newsletters don’t feel like intrusive spam. They’ll give your PR interests a boost by expanding your knowledge and the conversations you can have.

50 best PR newsletters

1. Upworthy

Upworthy is the top recommendation in our PR newsletter list because it centers around the best of humanity stories from around the world. Headed by a B-Corp social impact company Good Worldwide, Upworthy has created a newsletter that brings positive trending news as well as niche stories to your inbox. The newsletters cover topics from science and popular culture to joy and humor.

What makes it our choice: Even if it’s not completely relevant to PR, starting your day with Upworthy’s positive storytelling can improve your mood and act as inspiration. When it comes to news, negative stories consistently dominate, but this newsletter stands out because it brings a fresh perspective, one that hopefully everyone can appreciate.

Screenshot of Upworthy, one of the best PR newsletters

2. Timeless & Timely Newsletter

Written by Scott Monty, a communications specialist and leadership advisor, Timeless & Timely was created to help leaders understand today's challenges by learning about the past. You get guidance from the past as an opportunity to pause and think without getting caught up in constant outrage. Each week, free subscribers get an essay about leadership, communication, and humanity. In addition, the Timeless Reflections section will give you inspiring quotes, and you’ll get notified when new podcast episodes drop every Monday.

What makes it our choice: While a premium subscription is offered, the free version is enough for an early morning critical thinking session. With each newsletter section, you can customize your settings to determine what to subscribe to.

3. The Grapevine

The Grapevine’s motto is ‘One email. Once a month. No bullshit.’ It’s a creative content newsletter that rolls out monthly content about digital PR and marketing campaigns that get straight to the point. You’ll discover inspiration curated to your specific niche, explore PR novel strategies, and get a look into which campaigns are getting the most likes.

What makes it our choice: The Grapevine is one of the few newsletters that provides a thorough breakdown of the best campaigns. The newsletter dissects its strategies and offers tips on what you should aim for in your own work.

Screenshot of The Grapevine, one of the best PR newsletters

4. The Morning Brew

Absorbing information for your career and yourself can be done together with this newsletter. The Morning Brew focuses on news and entertainment, giving updates on business developments every day in an entertaining way. The newsletter takes a few minutes to skim through with straightforward summaries of the top stories.

What makes it our choice: Despite the complexity of the content, The Morning Brew brings in a blend of entertainment and news. It’s ideal if you want to know about the latest business news. The recommendation and puzzle sections are especially entertaining.

5. Link in Bio by Rachel Karten

If you’re a PR expert who also dabbles in social media to amplify your messages, Link in Bio by Rachel Karten brings you interviews with the experts who work in press every other day. Rachel has ten years of experience in media with Bon Appétit and Epicurious and created the newsletter so you can learn from people who live and breathe the internet. Past guests include John Sabine, Social Director for Merriam-Webster, Saad Khan, Brand Social Lead at Shopify, and Travis Lyles, who runs the Instagram team at the Washington Post.

What makes it our choice: Rachel’s expertise is relevant and educational. Through the interviews, you’ll get an insider scoop on the strategies and work processes of successful media connoisseurs.

Screenshot of Link in Bio by Rachel Karten, one of the best PR newsletters

6. The Bulldog Reporter

Every day, Richard Carufel as The Bulldog Reporter, writes articles and news pieces, along with publishing exclusive research and opinion pieces from guest contributors. It covers topics for PR professionals and communicators, including media relations, crisis communications, influencer marketing, and more. The newsletter has a captivating Deep Dive Resources column if you want to expand your knowledge on PR strategies and discover new tools.

What makes it our choice: The Bulldog Report includes agency success stories that highlight timely promotions and it’s full of practical advice. The newsletter can also be requested daily or weekly so your inbox isn’t filled with emails you’re not going to read.

7. Muck Rack Daily

The Muck Rack Daily newsletter consists of high-quality and reliable news that comes directly from journalists to your inbox. This is a must-subscribe if you’re a PR professional involved in pitching because each newsletter gives a deep look at what journalists around the world are reading and writing about. Muck Rack’s news focuses on current events, media relations, measuring success, and industry pulse to give you a well-rounded overview of news and guides.

What makes it our choice: Muck Rack’s journalist resource is one of the biggest advantages of this newsletter because it focuses on the journalistic perspective to bring context into what you need to cover as a PR professional pitching to journalists.

Screenshot of Muck Rack Daily, one of the best PR newsletters

8. Digiday Newsletter

Digiday is an online magazine that looks at more than just Public Relations. It includes the latest news, the future of TV, marketing, media buying, and handy research papers. Digiday's free newsletter stands out because it looks at real stories and explores the significant role of data in understanding the advancing landscape of digital communication.

What makes it our choice: Digiday has a heightened focus on specifics and less superficial content. The newsletter also centers around factual reporting, objectivity, and timely news stories on themes like politics, economics, and disasters.

9. PR@ctical Newsletter

Started by Sarah Evans, the founder and CEO of digital PR consultancy Sevans Strategy, PR@ctical is a weekly PR newsletter that puts together opinion pieces and hands-on tips. The newsletter looks at how to build influence and visibility as a business owner or PR expert. Each article has a personal touch, is short yet informative, and is easy to follow, which makes it entertaining and thought-provoking for a quick reading break.

What makes it our choice: PR@actical’s features Testing Tools: List Edition in each of its newsletters where Sarah tests new tools and shares her favorites.

10. Buffer

Buffer’s newsletter includes exclusive email-only content and blog posts. The blogs cater to small businesses and social media marketers, as well as frequent news and case studies. Beyond this, the newsletter includes general content about media monitoring for beginners with guides and explanations, as well as specific spaces for professionals to expand their abilities.

What makes it our choice: Buffer has a Flow series about social media strategies and marketing, alongside an Overflow engineering series that covers the latest work and learnings from Buffer’s engineering team.

11. Pretty Little Marketer

Pretty Little Marketer, initially a freelancing venture, is a London-based social media marketing service. Their newsletter covers social media trends, popular campaigns, practical advice, and how to implement them. Instead of trending news, they focus on personal branding and marketing tips, delivered through the weekly newsletter released every Thursday. It’s ideal if you’re a freelancer working in PR or starting your career in social media marketing.

What makes it our choice: Founder and CEO Sophie Miller is a social media coach who prioritizes teaching. The newsletter simplifies social media by providing resources like webinars, events, exclusive discounts, and downloads.

Screenshot of Pretty Little Marketer, one of the best PR newsletters


PRNEWS is an educational resource for professional agencies, government, and non-profits in the field of PR. Its newsletter picks out skill development for PR and marketing professionals, with content in areas like social media and digital PR to keep you updated on the latest trends. The newsletter subscription also offers trend alerts, best practices, market insights, and management tips.

What makes it our choice: PR News includes a customization newsletter subscription. These options include a once-a-week insider newsletter, weekly data and trends, weekly crisis comms, weekly digital tools, and five stories of the week. It also features a convenient job board.

13. Adexchanger

If you want programmatic news and educational content, Adexchanger is a go-to resource. It’s ideal for marketers, agencies, and tech companies looking for the latest information in digital media and marketing trends, including data, commerce, and AI. You’ll get all the business news and members-only discounts as well as industry conferences and networking opportunities.

What makes it our choice: Adexchanger is a customizable newsletter. You can choose between various information such as breaking news, commerce media round-ups, podcast updates, data privacy round-ups, and more.

Screenshot of Adexchanger, one of the best PR newsletters

14. One Story to Read Today

The infamous Atlantic magazine covers topics like literature and art, politics, and technology. If you’ve been an avid Atlantic reader, we recommend their newsletter One Story to Read Today. While The Atlantic doesn’t stick to public relations, it features various stories from which PR professionals can benefit. Newsletters can get overwhelming and time-consuming when they feature multiple global news stories, industry news, links, and columns. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekday read that’ll strike inspiration and amusement, this newsletter gives you a single newly published story from The Atlantic.

What makes it our choice: If your busy day can’t fit a whole story from The Atlantic website, you can simply stick to reading the snippet on the newsletter itself. It’s anecdotal and just as good.

15. Axios Media Trends Newsletter

Axios provides high-quality journalism with a majority of free content. It’s the ideal news source if you’re interested in the latest global news. Axios gives you a round-up of various trending topics such as politics and policy, economics, technology, and health. For the most part, the newsletter is US-centric, but you’ll gain the expertise of what’s going on in different sectors with its vast coverage pool.

What makes it our choice: Axios has one of the most customizable newsletter and alert options. You can choose your preferences depending on the topics they cover and then further refine your choices by selecting specific sub-news within that topic.

Screenshot of Axios, one of the best PR newsletters

16. HARO

One of the most sought-after tools by journalists and media professionals, HARO or ‘Help a Reporter Out’ has over 75,000 users. It’s a great resource to monitor source requests and send out pitches. HARO sends three emails daily, Monday through Friday, for source requests relevant to you or your client’s industry and expertise. While it may not give you trending news or how-to’s, it's a great resource to have as a PR professional.

What makes it our choice: HARO significantly shortens the time it takes to find relevant journalists with a database of over 55,000. It’s a powerful tool, even if you’re not actively sending out pitches. You’ll understand what journalists are looking for and how to improve the quality of your pitches.

17. Spins Sucks

In 2006, Gini Dietrich launched Spin Sucks on WordPress, transforming over a decade of expertise into a valuable resource for PR practices. Dietrich's approach is refreshing. She critiques harmful practices and compliments ethical ones, setting a new industry standard. The newsletter covers categories including communication, entrepreneurship, and marketing, along with engaging series like Ask Me Anything, My Hot Mess, and Survive and Thrive, adding a personal touch.

What makes it our choice: Unlike typical PR content, Spin Sucks will captivate you through a blend of expertise and relatability. You’ll have discussions and brainstorming sessions, ask for help, and build your network.

18. The Daily Carnage

As a PR expert, you might also need to be in touch with what’s happening in the marketing world. The Daily Carnage is ideal if you want to expand your horizon with in-depth blogs and podcasts with the latest marketing trends, updates, and reports. You’ll gain an understanding of storytelling for marketing, SEO, social media, and current news, spanning from retail and culture to technology and health.

What makes it our choice: The newsletter regularly features polls and video advertisements from major brands. You can dissect their marketing tactics or simply enjoy the entertainment.

Screenshot of The Daily Carnage, one of the best PR newsletters

19. Sword and The Script newsletter

Frank Strong created the Sword and The Script newsletter as a B2B platform primarily focusing on technology and PR. Many PR blogs seem to avoid in-depth explorations, but not this one. The Sword And The Script takes a direct approach, featuring blog posts with compelling content that address intricate questions about the 'whys' of PR.

What makes it our choice: The charm of this newsletter lies in its content. Frank reads hundreds of articles on marketing, PR, and social media to curate a summary of the best ones, ensuring you receive high-quality information every month.

20. AI-Assisted PR newsletter

Michael Smart has a reminder for the PR world: “Media relations and media pitching have changed more in the past five years than in the previous 20.” With this philosophy, Michael launched the AI-Assisted PR newsletter after his successful ‘Win With PR’ newsletter, which has over 12,000 subscribers. He focuses on tips and tools from the AI world that you can apply to your work for better results.

What makes it our choice: this specialized newsletter is ideal if you want to expand your knowledge on how AI will impact the future of this field. As a PR expert, Micheal puts forth his assumptions and strategies about automation and AI that can expand your conversations.

21. Ragan’s PR Daily newsletter

Ragan’s PR Daily gives short digests directing you to its comms weekly articles. The newsletter centers around current news about PR and communications and guidelines you can use in your PR career. Their sections include AI and automation, marketing, writer’s passport, and the consultant. You can get quick overviews on topics that interest you and check out the full articles on their website.

What makes it our choice: Ragan’s newsletter includes a talent hub section that is routinely updated. For those based in the US, the job board is a great resource for finding careers in communications and marketing.

Screenshot of Ragan PR Daily, one of the best PR newsletters

22. PRovoke

The PRovoke Media newsletter has more than 15,000 readers and brings extensive knowledge of PR through case histories, original research, and reporting, and explores diverse topics rather than guides. Established in 2000 by Paul Holmes as the Holmes Report, this platform offers the latest news and opinion pieces, annual agency research and global PR agency rankings.

What makes it our choice: With the newsletter, you can opt-in to two emails. Global Briefing is the regular editorial newsletter that deciphers trending news from the global PR industry. The Marketing and Events newsletter provides updates about the PRovoke Media global event program and other marketing initiatives, including a job bulletin.

23. JBH

As AI and automation take over media relations, it's important now more than ever to keep track of the latest news and how to utilize it to our benefit. JBH is an SEO, PR, and outreach resource focusing heavily on digital PR. By subscribing, you’ll get reminders about their PR blog, which includes tech-infused categories like digital PR, tips, newsjacking, and link building.

What makes it our choice: The newsletter frequents original case studies that can be read on their websites. These provide in-depth research on digital PR and link building.

24. The Work In Progress newsletter

In their own words, Works in Progress is a magazine of “new and underrated ideas to improve the world.” If you’re a curious person looking for answers no one seems to ask questions about, consider their newsletter. With each quarterly issue, they showcase original content and unique perspectives from intriguing thinkers. As a preview, here are some intriguing titles covered: The End of Acid Rain, Why We Didn't Get a Malaria Vaccine Sooner, and France’s Baby Bust.

What makes it our choice: The newsletter regularly updates its Books in Progress section, inviting readers to collaborate on the content on their website. Readers can leave comments on different sections of the post and allow others to read and respond.

Screenshot of The Work In Progress one of the best PR newsletters

25. SmartBrief

If you wear the marketing hat alongside your PR one, SmartBrief’s newsletter sifts through an extensive range of sources every day focusing on marketing news. They partner with 180 trade associations, professional societies, and nonprofits to bring highly tailored and relevant news content that fits diverse interests. SmartBrief’s marketing and technology newsletters are especially resourceful if you want a run-through of what’s happening.

What makes it our choice: SmartBrief is a newsletter library for different industries. It lets you choose what kind of news you want through sub-category reports.

26. The Almost Timely newsletter

Launched by Christopher S. Penn with over 233,000 subscribers, The Almost Timely is a weekly newsletter looking at AI, data science, analytics, and more. Christopher brings thought-provoking conversations around generative AI and technology, demonstrating how to implement them into your brand and what it means to give them organizations tasks like drafting emails and content creation.

What makes it our choice: Each newsletter includes a free resource section with a variety of articles, mini-courses, and guides so that you can follow up with even more information and try out new AI tools.

Screenshot of The Almost Timely, one of the best PR newsletters

27. Social Media Examiner

Self-acclaimed ‘guide to the marketing jungle’, Social Media Examiner is a media company with more than 400,000 subscribers. It is a popular destination for PR professionals and social media marketers. The newsletter sticks to both guides as well as the latest news surrounding social media and business, such as tips, strategies, and basic how-to’s. Their social media marketing industry reports are especially helpful for exclusive insights.

What makes it our choice: It's ideal if you’re lost on where to start with PR, marketing, and social media. You can use it as a resource to learn something new about media relations every day.

28. WIRED newsletter

WIRED’s newsletter provides personalized content based on what you want. WIRED is a captivating source of information and ideas emphasizing the hand technology has in every aspect of our lives. You’ll get daily inspiration from their stories as well as news breakthroughs. The newsletter has an endless list of categories, such as science, ideas, business, culture, and gear. These include short and long-form articles, depending on which ones you have time for.

What makes it our choice: While some newsletters are subscriber-exclusive, a wide selection are still free. These span from daily featured news to expert insights and guides. Wired also offers the convenience of previewing each newsletter before you commit to it.

Screenshot of WIRED, one of the best PR newsletters

29. TheFutureParty

TheFutureParty is a media company based in Los Angeles with more than 200,000 daily readers. The daily newsletter is geared towards creative professionals and brings editorials and articles to your inbox with sections covering gaming, fashion, technology, culture, business, and more. The newsletter also allocates the most popular trends on YouTube, X, Google, Reddit, TikTok, and Spotify. You’ll get a wrapped-up overview of what the day’s online culture looks like.

What makes it our choice: This newsletter is put together to keep track of the online world that changes trends 24/7, so as a PR professional, you’re on top of all the digital trends and campaigns.

30. The Skimm’

The Skimm’ is a digital media company that deconstructs current news, trends, lifestyle, and politics impacting women. The newsletters include top stories as well as topics you can hand-pick depending on your interests. This customization means the newsletter can easily fit into your daily routine without feeling intrusive.

What makes it our choice: The Skimm’ gives six different customization options from seven days a week, Wednesdays, monthly, and more. These also depend on your interests; for example, the seven days a week subscription gives you top news stories, while the monthly SKM Labs subscription focuses on marketing and advertising.

Screenshot of The Skimm’, one of the best PR newsletters

31. MarketingProfs

There are over 350,000 marketers on MarketingProfs. The website has curated thousands of marketing B2B resources, including guides, reports, video tutorials, and podcasts. This comprehensive source is ideal if you’re already in the media and marketing field and want resources to improve your skills. The newsletter is sent four times a week with trends and how-tos in marketing and how to apply them.

What makes it our choice: The newsletter features a News You Can Use section that breaks down updates from around the industry with quick links.

32. Wadds Inc’s Monday newsletter

Written by Stephen Waddington, an expert consultant for communication teams, writer, and teacher, the Wadds Inc. newsletter includes a blend of content from the Wadds Inc. blog and additional discussions around marketing and PR. The weekly newsletter includes personal accounts where Stephen discusses his current career activities and resources like webinars and recommendations. It also includes a rich section on AI, social media, and PR management sections.

What makes it our choice: Unlike most newsletters that attach articles and news stories directly, Stephan simplifies the reading experience by creating a short description of each section with a convenient link. This will save you time, so you don’t have to shift and scroll through articles you’re not interested in reading.

Screenshot of Wadds Inc’s Monday newsletter, one of the best PR newsletters

33. Jessica Pardoe

Jessica Pardoe started her blog as a class project that got a little out of hand. As she puts it herself, she writes “random thoughts and feelings about marketing, communications and everything in between.” Her newsletter now features opinion pieces and interviews with PR bloggers. With the addition of insider discussions on trending campaigns, you’ll gain a very personal look at Jessica’s PR journey. The newsletter will keep you posted on everytime there is a new blog post by email.

What makes it our top choice: Jessica Pardoe’s opinion section is packed with helpful tips and tricks where she speaks about her personal experience in PR and frequent entertaining listicles that’ll give you recommendations from booktok to healthy PR habits.

34. Impression’s newsletter

Impression has a bi-weekly marketing newsletter that includes guides, tips, and digital marketing resources such as webinars, white papers, and podcasts. In terms of content, the newsletter shares thoughts on website analytics and the latest tech announcements. After reading the newsletter, you can spend hours reading the detailed blogs on their website, particularly regarding technical explanations.

What makes it our top choice: Although it requires you to sign up, the newsletter offers free downloadable white paper content to explore. These supply digital marketing insights, practical tips, and guidance supported by data from Impression experts.

35. The Famous Five

Growing out of the Famous Campaigns blog, The Famous Five is a weekly newsletter that rounds up the Famous Campaigns’ best five creative brand campaigns. You can glance at these campaigns and learn what makes them a fan favorite. These explanations aren’t long-winded. Each newsletter simply overviews the campaigns in a few sentences, inviting you to consider what makes it best.

What makes it our top choice: The Famous Five is a great way to keep track of what campaigns are going up the trend chain. It’s like a morning wordle for PR and marketing enthusiasts guaranteed to turn the cogs in your brain.

36. Cision

Tailored for professionals and newcomers, Cision’s newsletter provides guides, tip sheets, reports, and case studies. The newsletter gives you access to its blogs, where it provides advice on best practices and updates, as well as podcast and webinar tips. Cision's media relations blogs and annual reports are especially valuable resources for staying ahead in PR. You’ll get insight into emerging technologies, the latest AI tools, and their impact on the media industry.

What makes it our choice: Following a subscription to the newsletter, Cision provides a downloadable content calendar guide and planning tips you can look at each morning for a reminder of what's coming up at a glance.

Screenshot of Cision, one of the best PR newsletters

37. PRWeek Dashboard Daily

PRWeek has a list of newsletters you can sign up for, but their US Bulletin’s Dashboard Daily serves as a resource for PR experts, focusing primarily on current events. It covers a wide array of topics related to social media, public affairs, and influencer management on a daily basis. While some blogs might offer strategies and tricks, PRWeek keeps you informed about real-time developments.

What makes it our choice: If you want to stay on level with the latest PR updates, this blog is your top choice. It offers fresh perspectives and essential news directly from the world of public relations.

38. Future Proof

The Future Proof by Nick Hilton is a weekly digital media and futurology newsletter that centers around popular culture and trending news. Rather than guides, tips, and article recommendations, this newsletter is a longer read that answers intriguing questions. Each newsletter goes in-depth about what’s being discussed as Nick brings provocative perspectives.

What makes it our choice: The charm of this newsletter lies in its content. You’ll stay on track with what's going on in the world while benefiting from Nick’s delightful outlook on the situation.

39. Monday Note

The Monday Note is a weekly newsletter by Frederic Filloux and Jean-Louis Gassée on technology, media, and their business models. Their bold takes will give you many takeaways as they showcase their expertise and experience while unraveling current news and technology trends. Although the weekly newsletter isn’t updated frequently, it’s worth looking at.

What makes it our choice: You’ll get a great perspective on media and tech analysis, mainly focusing on following what tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft are up to.

40. In Context

In Context is Digital Content Next’s newsletter that brings insider news about digital spaces, including advertising, marketing, and technology. Its members include notable companies like NPR, National Geographic, and The Washington Post. The newsletter is US-based and is ideal if you like numbers, technologies, and gaining knowledge through research and tech news.

What makes it our choice: The newsletters Perspective section is our recommended reading as it breaks down the best media stories, offering even more resources.

41. Hot Pod

The Verge’s newsletter, Hot Pod gives the scoop on the biggest things happening in the podcast world. The newsletter is all things audio-based, providing blogs with the latest news and recommendations on global events, music, and podcast influencers. If you like to unwind with podcasts, the Hot Pod newsletter is a great resource. It comes out weekly every Tuesday, with the newest issues on the podcast scene.

What makes it our choice: In addition to podcasts, Hot Pod combines entertaining news with analysis, and what’s happening on social media. It provides news, analysis, and interviews exploring thoroughly the most significant subjects and stories.

42. Vox Recommends

If you’re a PR professional wanting to broaden your understanding of current journalistic trends, Vox’s editors curate the Vox Recommends newsletter with impactful stories each week with what to watch and listen to. You can stay on top of news stories and divert your attention to entertaining topics you may not have heard of. Each newsletter is released weekly on Fridays with long-form articles to keep you updated.

What makes it our choice: Unlike newsletters with numerous sections that you have to overwhelmingly scroll past, Vox Recommends makes it plain and simple. It lists three links, each labeled read, listen, watch.

43. Need to Know newsletter

The American Press Institute is known for its commitment to advancing journalistic standards and creating a reliable information society. Their newsletter, Need to Know reflects these goals with daily or weekly newsletters. The newsletters are US-centered but frequently highlight global issues and journalism stories. Each newsletter features ‘You might have heard…’ and ‘...but did you know’ sections that introduce you to the newest media-related news or fact.

What makes it our choice: Need to Know features a special edition of Reimagining Local Opinion Journalism every Monday. This addresses key challenges today's newsrooms face, providing tips on upholding good journalistic practices with additional resources.

44. We Are Social newsletter

We Are Social is an advertising agency that has worked with several notable brands like Disney, Samsung, Netflix, and Lego. Their newsletter is ideal for PR professionals because it gives insights into how they create campaigns and thought leadership advice. Besides this, the newsletters feature blogs with weekly social media mashups, reports, and culture that explain all the Gen Z trends, no matter how elaborate.

What makes it our choice: We Are Social newsletter truly centers around the social. You’ll get all the most recent news from internet culture, from Barbenheimer to the Era’s tour, along with why it's happening and what it means.

45. Pew Research Center newsletter

Pew Research Center’s objective is to inform the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world. The nonprofit is known for upholding reliability with public opinion polling, demographic research, and other data-driven social science research. Whether you’re interested in world politics, the internet, and technology, or social and demographic trends, their newsletter will provide updates and reports through reliable data.

What makes it our choice: The Pew Research Center has multiple newsletter subscriptions depending on your preferences. We recommend their monthly Internet, Science, and Tech newsletter or their weekly The Briefing newsletter which gives updates on news and information.

46. Benedict Evans newsletter

Benedict Evens, a mobile analyst, answers the questions “What matters in tech? What’s going on, what might it mean, and what will happen next?” in his newsletters. Benedict's newsletter reaches over 175,000 journalists, entrepreneurs, and authors who benefit from the weekly tech updates minus the noise. The column sections, although lengthy, are insightful reads.

What makes it our choice: If you enjoy the free version of the newsletter, Benedict also provides a premium subscription. Every Sunday evening, premium subscribers receive a summary of the week's key tech stories and ideas, along with in-depth analysis and an exclusive column exploring their significance.

47. Future Social

Social media-focused, Future Social newsletter by Jack Appleby brings a blend of social media news and educational content. You’ll see examples of brands that hook users with their social media strategies and how you can implement them in your work. Some examples include dissecting how Xbox hit 80,000 replies on one tweet, Duolingo’s unhinged social media tactics, and Adobe's charming TikTok series.

What makes it our choice: Jack gives very practical and direct learning-by-doing advice. He breaks down the tricks social media professionals use, explaining why it works for them and what could work for you.

48. The Tilt

With a central goal of improving the creator economy, The Tilt is a newsletter for content creators who are reliant on social media. The goal is to guide this community by establishing independent businesses through products like podcasts, newsletters, and courses. For PR professionals, you can get ahead of the future industry of content entrepreneurs by exploring revenue generation and learning to break the content clutter. Sent twice a week, the newsletter currently has a community of 25,000 content creators and entrepreneurs.

What makes it our choice: This is one of the only newsletters catering to the growing field of content entrepreneurship (different from content creators). All the advice and strategies you’ll get are well-researched, original, and educational.

49. NYTimes The Morning newsletter

The New York Times is renowned as a reputable outlet for daily news and in PR, we’ve all turned to their sources and news stories for research at least a handful of times. If this sounds like you, consider their Morning newsletter. The daily newsletter put together by David Leonhardt and Times journalists will give you the perfect excerpt of what's going on in the world, as well as amusing morning reads, social media, climate, opinions, and more.

What makes it our choice: The NYTimes newsletter provides the ideal combination of news coverage with enjoyable leisure content like cooking, sports, and word games sections.

50. The Hustle

If your PR endeavors are reliant on business and tech news but you also want a little internet culture news, consider The Hustle. It’s a 5-minute newsletter that will make the information noise around you consumable with 2.2 million people reading every day. Each newsletter offers a free resource as well as trending news, a featured video, around the web, and a meme section.

What makes it our choice: The Big Ideas section frequently featured in the newsletter can be a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for the next big story.


With this extensive list, we’ve hopefully convinced you to stop dismissing PR newsletters as junk mail. The thoughtfully curated ones are a valuable tool for simplifying your research and learning journey. These newsletters offer benefits such as time efficiency, continuous learning, and keeping up with current practices in the evolving PR landscape. Opting for the right newsletters from our recommended list not only boosts your knowledge but also encourages meaningful conversations.

Use this guide to put together your own efficient and entertaining morning starters for the upcoming year so you can be in the loop with current news and PR tips and read captivating stories.

Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRHive

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