PRHive's philosophy

PRHive is the software you need to become a thought leader, create news, and land media coverage. This platform is your strategic growth partner, crafted by PR professionals who believe PR needs to be done differently in the digital era.

Proactive PR, powerful results

We believe in a proactive, long-term approach to shaping the news, rather than waiting for it to unfold. Our software is a customizable collaborative, data-driven space developed by PR professionals to help you collaborate with colleagues and clients. You can create news and thought leadership stories, place them in the media, and understand how to extract valuable strategies from the data.

There is no magic solution to doing PR right, so we make sure you spend less time on operational tasks and more on what you do best: building stories that will drive coverage. With PRHive, we’ll guide you through this process and help you understand how your results translate into business growth.

Designed for all your PR needs

Collect metrics in less time for better results with the AI proficiency. Simplify your tasks with automated reports, pitches, press releases, and a media database. Explore more on our features page.

Our core values

We take a proactive PR approach to anticipate, engage, and shape positive outcomes

Pursuit of growth

We elevate thought leadership by crafting news, securing media coverage, and ensuring quality results

Proactive PR

We don’t wait; we create and collaborate, shaping narratives for business growth


Realistic and transparent, we guide efforts toward lasting success


With AI, we automate tasks and craft standout media stories for future-proof strategies

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