The best 100 free and paid media monitoring tools [Mega list]

Media monitoring has become an essential part of communication for brands wanting to find their influence and niche and gain traction with a wider audience. In this article, we’ll go through a mega list of free and paid media monitoring tools, why their features are useful, and who can benefit from them.

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Media monitoring is one of the main ways that brands can see the full scope of their effectiveness. When considering media monitoring tools, think of ways to extract and organize data about your brand. This is important in creating and adjusting your public relations strategies.

You can use media tracking techniques to monitor your company's news coverage, monitor your competitors, or stay updated on industry trends and market changes. Besides these general uses, understanding precisely what to monitor for your particular brand and how to utilize this data is also key.

There are plenty of free and paid tools available that can help track the success of a PR campaign and prepare for future initiatives. An automated software partner can simplify the vast data and analyze customer feedback and sentiment. These metrics help you optimize your results.

The best 60 paid media monitoring tools

1. PRHive

PRHive is a PR tool that manages news from various sources, using AI to understand brand insights. It’s ideal for PR managers interested in consumer, social media, and influencer marketing. For example, it has an integrated content calendar to ensure timely communication across teams. Unlike most platforms, it’s budget-friendly, efficient, and targeted for PR agencies looking to expand. The platform's integrated features include AI-guided content creation, media coverage reports, press release distribution, and media database software, which ensures a straightforward, user-friendly experience.

Price: PRHive offers a seven-day free trial period with access to all features available. After that, for advanced functionalities, the platform offers various subscription plans depending on your needs.

2. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring platform with collaborative and data collection capabilities. It’s best for content marketers and social media managers. To get started, agencies can schedule consultations to discuss specific needs and set up a customized package with pricing agreements. The downside of this platform is that while it offers various features, the interface is harder to use and requires dedicated training.

Price: based on quotation, with an average cost of $39 monthly

Screenshot of Brandwatch, one of the best paid media monitoring tools

3. Meltwater

Meltwater offers essential AI-powered tools designed for PR and marketing. It uses consumer data to provide insights important for aligning strategies and decision-making. Its media monitoring tool analyzes online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, providing detailed metrics on brand mentions and sentiment analysis among top publications. It also offers customized pricing plans. However, a free trial or complimentary training is unavailable for Meltwater. There is a requirement for an annual commitment, which, for freelancers and smaller PR agencies, may pose a significant disadvantage.

Price: estimate of $8,000 annually with no monthly contract available

4. Keyhole

Keyhole automates social media management with user-friendly features, where you can monitor brand mentions and calculate audience sentiment. It provides an analysis of your account's growth and engagement, so you can stay ahead of your competitors. It can also access historical data for in-depth past analytics and campaign insights. The only downside to this tool is that its reviewers often think the software is hard to navigate as a first-time user without training and consultation.

Price: Span from $79 monthly for the basic freelancer tool to $479 for agencies managing multiple clients and campaigns

Screenshot of Keyhole, one of the 60 best paid media monitoring tools

5. Prowly

Prowly is an all-in-one PR tool that simplifies the tasks of media monitoring, finding relevant media contacts, and managing email pitches. Its AI system analyzes press hits while considering properties like context and sentiment, allowing you to set specific filters for tailored mentions. You can receive email notifications for daily, weekly, or monthly digests. A drawback, however, is that while it offers a seven-day free trial, this doesn’t give a full feel for the whole product.

Price: starts at $339 per month

6. Cision

Cision stands out as a PR solution because it consolidates an extensive range of media content, including print and online publications, TV and radio stations, podcasts, and social media posts. It helps present concrete statistics to showcase who is talking about your brand, when, and where. The drawback for Cision is that it is often criticized for its complexity, and some find its features overwhelming. It also has a high price that lacks a free trial, consultation training, or setup, which might be a disadvantage, especially for budget-conscious users.

Price: On the higher end, estimated around $7,200 per year

7. Muck Rack

Muck Rack's media monitoring uses AI to scour online news, blogs, social media, radio, and TV, for emerging trends. With its media database, you gain context about journalists and influencers, and its tailored alerts keep you updated on your company and competitors. You can choose real-time notifications or daily digests to stay synchronized with your team. The price for this tool is on the higher end, estimated at around $10,000 per year, which might make it hard for smaller agencies and freelancers to use.

Price: $10,000 per year

Screenshot of Muck Rack, one of the best paid media tracking tools

8. Nexis Newsdesk

Nexis Newsdesk provides impressive access to articles. This tool offers media monitoring and social listening, allowing you to curate industry news and automate emails, among other features. Unlike many competitors, it delivers real-time updates, and the software has pre-built analysis charts and visualizations. Besides this, it features campaign management tools and a customizable newsroom for local and international news. A drawback of this tool is that it is reportedly one of the most expensive on the market and requires training.

Price: can be requested upon quotation

9. Agility PR Solutions

Agility PR Solutions offers detailed press release monitoring services. The tool generates ready-made reports on coverage, share of voice, and media types, simplifying analysis. It also grants access to a network of global journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Agility PR Solutions' packages are pricier than typically paid tools, and pricing details are unavailable without consultation.

Price: $350 per month

10. Brand24

Identified as a ‘social listening tool,’ the Brand24 PR tool monitors your brand across 25 million sources in real-time. It figures out your brand sentiment and online reputation. It also lets you create handy detailed reports that showcase how well your PR efforts are working. You can see all the positive, neutral, and negative mentions neatly sorted. The only downside is that it doesn't track print media like magazines and newspapers, so you might miss mentions of your brand in traditional media.

Price: It offers a competitive price of $99 a month for small brands and $499 for bigger enterprises

Brand24 > one of the top paid media monitoring tools

11. TrendSights

TrendSights is a monitoring tool suitable for the Spanish market. It has all the features needed for media monitoring with traditional and digital media. It also has an impressive addition of competition supervision that provides all competition mentions. Its algorithms can also predict and identify micro-influencers, even if they don't have many followers.

Price: The platform costs are available upon request and has a 14-day free trial

12. Mention

Mention sifts through all the online chatter using advanced research. With its Smart Folders feature, it turns data into a filing system that knows where the needed information is. It has specific keywords search and sentiment across multiple languages. It is a user-friendly platform that notifies you when there's a sudden surge in mentions about your brand.

Price: $49 as a basic solo subscription and goes up to $149 for more advanced features

Screenshot of mention, one of the top media monitoring tools

13. is tailored for PR agencies and provides an all-in-one platform for media monitoring. Its CRM helps retain crucial details, letting you send precise messages at the right moments. You can track emails through analytics and get a press list that is tailored to fit specific brands.

Price: €129 as a starting point for small businesses with a custom price range for corporate organizations

14. Isentia

Isentia's reports offer essential insights into media coverage volume, audience reach, and social engagement. Their experts analyze narratives and sources that establish benchmarks, measure KPIs, and manage emerging issues. Isentia provides clear, actionable reports, guiding effective decision-making.

Price: You can request a price quotation that is approachable for organizations of all sizes and requirements

15. NewsDashboard

Newsdashboard, designed by Trisolute, stands out as a Google visibility tool for news publishers. It allows users to track their article rankings, search engine results pages (SERPs), and Google News. It guides users on where to focus efforts to enhance visibility, ensuring that their articles are seen by the right audience.

Price: The platform offers three plans with prices upon request that differ in the amount of features, such as the number of keyword searches and ranking per day

Screenshot of NewsDashboard one of the 60 best media monitoring tools

16. Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas is a consumer intelligence platform focusing on text and data analysis. This tool sifts through various sources and distills social noise into actionable trends, metrics, and comprehensive reports, all within a fast social listening platform. It also offers accuracy in sentiment perception and transforms data points from social media, blogs, and forums.

Price: Cost is tailored to the specific service agreement available upon request

17. Coosto

Coosto analyzes millions of online sources and categorizes its content based on algorithmic trending scores, allowing you to align its content with the most relevant topics in its industry. This strategic matching amplifies your brand's reach, making it a prominent part of online conversation. It also offers inspiration by showcasing the best-performing content in various categories. You can instantly identify content that resonates with your audience.

Price: Starting at $249 per month, it is suitable for content and social media marketing

Screenshot of Coosto one of the best news monitoring tools

18. Coverage Book

CoverageBook offers a user-friendly interface allowing you to compile your coverage links and automatically generate reports quickly. By pasting links from websites, social media, YouTube, and more, you can receive screenshots and data within minutes. The tool also accommodates various coverage types, including newspaper clippings, video and audio clips, and custom slides.

Price: starting at $99 monthly for the basic bronze plan

19. Dataminr

Dataminr has been a vital asset for newsrooms. It delivers alerts directly to journalists for verification processes. This tool provides alerts in over 100 languages, using various formats like text, images, video, and audio. Incorporating eyewitness chatter and multimedia content, it enhances journalists' understanding of events, helping them identify crucial moments more swiftly.

Price: $15,000 annually

20. Semrush

Semrush has a vast SEO database and a backlink crawler. Whether focusing on SEO, content, market research, advertising, or social media, this tool helps users excel in their chosen area. With access to 25 billion keywords spanning 130 countries, users can conduct comprehensive website audits and receive content improvement suggestions.

Price: $129 monthly for the basic plan and $499 for the advanced plan

Screenshot of SemRush, one of the 60 best paid media monitoring tools

21. Hootsuite

Perhaps one of the most well-known media monitoring tools, Hootsuite caters to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can engage with your audience by setting up streams to monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags across social networks. Its one-of-a-kind feature is integration with tools like Brandwatch and Talkwalker, allowing users to gather insights conveniently from their dashboard.

Price: Monthly fee of $99 or offers a customized pricing option for larger enterprises

22. PeakMetrics

PeakMetrics combines information from various sources, including news outlets, blogs, social networks, TV, radio, and email newsletters. Using advanced machine learning, the platform identifies and attributes online narratives related to users, their industry, and competitors. Users can also personalize their analysis with contextual sentiment training and benefit from machine learning-based summarization.

Price: The subscription price can be provided upon demo request

Screenshot of PeakMetrics, one of the 60 best media listening tools

23. Salesforce

Salesforce focuses on collaboration on top of media monitoring with their Customer 360 app by improving communication at different stages between teams and companies. Customer 360, and its entire suite of products help you connect with your customers using AI, data, and CRM to make marketing and sales more efficient.

Price: 30-day free trial period and after that spans from €25 to €1,250

24. Talkwalker

With Talkwalker's Blue Silk GPT, teams can analyze social listening data, consumer information, and customer feedback. Talkwalker also offers other products, including Social listening, Social Benchmarking, and Customer Feedback Analytics, that offer a complete solution for media monitoring.

Price: $9000 per year

25. Simplify360

Simplify360 is a PR tool that simplifies customer interactions. By consolidating customer queries into one inbox, agents collaborate efficiently and deliver faster resolutions. Repetitive tasks are automated, directing tickets to the appropriate teams. Businesses can also streamline interactions on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and Google Business.

Price: $39 per month

Screenshot of Simplify360 one of the best media monitoring tools

26. Ubermetrics

Ubermetrics analyzes opinions and trends using machine learning and language processing, to give sentiment analysis and how information spreads with virality patterns. Its easy-to-use dashboard and systems offer access to this information. The platform provides tools like tracking trends, finding key influencers, and comparing against competitors.

Price: Basic plan for $550 monthly

27. Medallia

Medallia helps understand customer needs and experiences throughout their journey. Unlike traditional methods reliant on surveys, Medallia uses real-time experience signals across diverse channels like chat logs, social reviews, and operational data such as CRM, HRIS, POS, and ERP data that provide a holistic view of customer and employee interactions.

Price: Customized pricing for the software is available upon request

28. Zoho Social

Zoho Social can help discover new leads and stay in tune with what people say about their managed brands across various social channels. One of its key features is the Live Stream tab, which offers a real-time stream of audience updates, letting users engage promptly by liking, retweeting, or responding directly.

Price: It offers a 15-day free trial and then a standard fee of €10 monthly

Screenshot of Zoho Social, one of the 60 best best media monitoring softwares

29. Iconosquare

Iconosquare has a deeper focus on social media. With collected data, users can optimize their social strategy and stay ahead with real-time updates on their social mentions across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Its analytics feature presents over 100 metrics, simplifying performance evaluation with easy-to-understand graphs. The platform also automates social media reports while scheduling posts, carousels, and stories in advance.

Price: €49 for the standard plan

30. Audiense

This platform offers two products: Audience Intelligence and Twitter Marketing, that have individual features. Audience Intelligence provides insights into various target groups, offering information about who they are and how best to engage them. With Digital Intelligence META, users can tap into a global digital audience insights source. Twitter Marketing has various features, but as its name suggests, it only monitors X (formerly known as Twitter).

Price: Audiense Insights is priced at $1,454 monthly, while the Twitter Marketing product is free to use with paid options

31. Digimind

Digimind measures brand perception, anticipates crises, and adjusts brand strategies based on these insights. The platform detects new market entrants by capturing publications and conversations on scientific topics relevant to the organization. It also helps optimize content strategy by defining target audiences through in-depth consumer demographic and behavioral analysis.

Price: Offers a free trial, followed by a customized pricing quote based on features

Screenshot of Digimind one of the best paid press monitoring tools

32. SentiOne

Sentione has a social listening package that uses intent and sentiment analysis algorithms for insights. The latest features include convenient automated templates, letting you generate unlimited reports in diverse file formats like PDF, PPTX, and Keynote. Besides this, Sentione is also excellent at brand reputation management, providing automated notifications and alerts.

Price: The platform has two plans: one ideal for individual marketers and journalists for $300 monthly and another ideal for marketing agencies that are customized and priced accordingly

33. Radarr

Radarr simplifies social media management for businesses by connecting their profiles and pages on platforms. You can create, curate, and preview social media posts using Radarr's content composer. Notably, the platform excels in handling Asian languages and colloquialisms, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Melayu, Japanese, and more. This specialized focus ensures businesses can communicate with diverse audiences, making social media presence more impactful and culturally relevant.

Price: $126 monthly for the starter plan

34. Critical Mention

Critical Mention provides coverage of earned media across a vast network of TV and radio stations. Their real-time monitoring extends to millions of online news sources, licensed print materials, podcasts, and major social media platforms. The software has access to over 2,500 international TV and radio channels, millions of digital news sources, paywalled content, and thousands of podcasts.

Price: inquire for exact details, but the approximate annual cost is around $4,000

Screenshot of Critical Mention, one of the top media monitoring tools

35. Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk has integrated AI support throughout the entire process of monitoring. The platform generates ideas as well as crafts compelling press releases, and connects with appropriate journalists. Its Idea Generator sifts through global events, industry shifts, and company discussions to provide tailored ideas. Mynewsdesk simplifies the task of finding the right journalists by automatically identifying journalists based on the content depending on their previous work.

Price: After the free trial, pricing for the platform is tailored to the size of your organizatio

36. Icuc Social

Unlike a completely automated tool, Icuc Social is an outsourced media monitoring tool. The platform executes social media strategies and operates a global customer care service in more than 52 languages, handling inquiries, mentions, and crises around the clock. Their expertise in social listening also makes following market trends effortless.

Price: customized price upon inquiry

Screenshot of Icuc Social, one of the top paid media monitoring tools

37. Social House

Social House is a social listening agency that looks at crisis management. The platform provides first-hand market intelligence by listening to consumers' opinions and shaping client’s messages. Their global reach ensures continuous monitoring of the entire Internet, enabling businesses to stay ahead.

Price: stands at $49 monthly for the basic plan

38. Sendible

Sendible is an automated social media solution for businesses seeking scalable and efficient online presence. With budget-friendly pricing plans, it is an ideal choice for growing agencies and teams. The more profiles and users added, the more cost-effective it becomes. Sendible also prioritizes human support, offering weekly live webinars, customer success onboarding, and global support from real people, ensuring personalized assistance.

Price: spans from $25 to $675 depending on the plan

39. MediaHQ

MediaHQ is an idea for building relationships with journalists. The platform enhances the outreach strategy by allowing you to create eye-catching messages using their editor and formatting tools. It automates the personalization process by pulling in the right names for each contact. You can duplicate and refine messages for different audiences and then select specific contact lists for targeted outreach.

Price: There is a free trial, and pricing is available upon inquiry

Screenshot of MediaHQ, one of the 60 best paid media monitoring tools

40. Grin

Grin serves as a creator management platform, aiding businesses in identifying influencers. Grin simplifies the steps of influencer marketing by screening applicants for ongoing communication. It integrates with social networks, online stores, and communication tools. Grin centralizes these processes to expand the reach and find brand advocates.

Price: $999 per month

41. Birdeye

Birdeye enhances online visibility by managing listings, making your business easy to find for potential customers. The platform offers various features for customer service like appointment scheduling and payments and surveys to gather feedback, guiding businesses to improve customer experiences. Powered by AI, Birdeye focuses on business growth through referrals and tailors solutions for various industries such as healthcare, retail, legal, finance, and more.

Price: The cost varies based on the organization's size but typically averages around $300 per month

42. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers helps businesses understand customer experiences by analyzing social media and online reviews. It simplifies responding to feedback, whether positive or negative, and encourages customer engagement. It is integrated with Hootsuite and allows centralized review management and collaboration. The platform offers insights and reports for data-driven decision-making, optimizing campaigns, and attracting customers.

Price: The cost is calculated based on a 'track more, pay less' system available on their website

Screenshot of ReviewTrackers, one of the 60 best paid media monitoring tools

43. Kenect

Kenect streamlines business communication by providing a dedicated business texting system. With this, messages are organized in a text inbox, enabling quick responses and targeted message routing to specific teams. You can also implement auto-responses to save time and improve customer interactions. The platform makes payments easier by letting businesses request and receive payments via text, creating a simpler transaction process.

Price: can be determined through a customized quote

44. ZenDesk

Zendesk offers solutions designed to improve customer experiences. Through a free trial or a detailed demo, businesses can explore Zendesk's digital customer service platform that provides customer data. You can anticipate customer needs and adapt to changing requirements. The platform's flexibility and extensive features enable creative customization and also ensure that you can tailor your customer service processes effectively.

Price: €55 monthly for the standard plan

45. Review Wave

Review Wave is designed to improve healthcare practices by automating and improving their online presence. The platform helps run healthcare practices through an automated management platform. It has features such as review collection, SEO performance, and business texting. The platform is aimed at healthcare professionals to enhance their online testimonials, reviews, retention, and referrals.

Price: $299 monthly for the standard plan

Screenshot of Review Wave, one of the best media monitoring tools

46. Loomly

Loomly is perfect if you’re looking for a social media management platform focused on collaboration and audience relationships. You can receive instant notifications about team activities via email, push, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless collaboration. Loomly organizes assets in a user-friendly library, which makes it easy to store and access resources. Its collaborative review process maintains a complete post history.

Price: includes an extensive range of subscription plans with a base of $35 monthly and customizable plans

47. Facelift

Facelift simplifies social media analysis by providing easy-to-understand dashboard templates. You can select specific social media profiles to view their performance over recent months or create an overview of all profiles across different networks. The platform also allows the integration of third-party data sources, such as Talkwalker and Google Analytics.

Price: The platform offers three plans with costs available upon request

48. Podium

Podium simplifies business growth and efficiency for home service companies. The platform helps with review requests through text and lets businesses respond to customers promptly. It centralizes customer interactions, incorporating texts, reviews, social media, Webchat, and more, all managed from a single platform. Podium also facilitates faster payments and automates routine tasks to reduce overheads.

Price: The subscription starts at $249 monthly

Screenshot of Podium, one of the top paid media monitoring tools

49. Adobe Marketo Engage

If you want to focus on customer engagement, Adobe Marketo Engage is a marketing automation platform that merges B2C and B2B strategies. It uses AI to predict audiences, identify potential leads, and feed them across various channels. It provides conversation summaries and assists in generating relevant topics and responses. The platform also has behavioral data to facilitate better customer engagement.

Price: starting at $895 per month. Plans can also be adjusted according to the complexity of features

50. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales CRM management software that simplifies the sales process and allows customizations of pipelines to align with specific sales cycles by incorporating specific stages. You can efficiently manage leads by filtering and segmenting them and creating targeted lists for personalized communications. The platform also maintains a detailed contact history, capturing all interactions associated with deals and contacts.

Price: the most popular plan is $39.90, but costs vary depending on custom features

51. Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is designed to enhance workflows by automating repetitive tasks and centralizing customer communication. It has email sync and tracking with Gmail and Outlook that automatically logs emails and receives notifications when leads engage. Its performance tracking is streamlined through custom dashboards that showcase deal progress, sales figures, and team performance.

Price: Pricing is flexible and depends on the team size, with the lowest of $10 per seat monthly

Screenshot of Monday Sales CRM, one of the top paid media monitoring tools

52. Weave

Specifically targeted towards small healthcare practices, Weave consolidates all customer interactions, eliminating the need for multiple providers. The system includes a payment solution, from terminals to text-to-pay. Its Practice Analytics feature offers in-depth insights that enhance profitability, treatment acceptance rates, and identifying trends.

Price: plans available upon request

53. SignalAI

SignalAI provides reputation management that goes beyond the day-to-day media monitoring needs. The platform helps businesses to look beyond their immediate known universe. The platform combines the diverse content set in the industry with AI-powered search functionality. The platform also covers traditional print, online sources, journals, TV, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and regulation and legislation content.

Price: Available subscription plans can be requested

Screenshot of SignalAI, one of the best paid media monitoring tools

54. SOCi

SOCi is aimed at multi-location enterprises that offer a centralized platform to automate and expand their marketing efforts. This tool ensures that marketing strategies align with the brand's vision while allowing local customization for each location. The platform's easy setup enhances its accessibility, enabling businesses to implement and utilize its features.

Price: can be requested after the demo

55. PulseM

PulseM offers a way for Trade businesses to manage customer service interactions. The platform focuses on humanizing service interactions, meeting the modern customer's expectations for personalized service, and collecting genuine reviews. It automates requesting feedback after appointments, increasing the likelihood of receiving online reviews.

Price: starts at $99 monthly

56. Chatmeter

Chatmeter is an easy-to-use reputation management platform. Its end-to-end, AI-automated workflows provide complete visibility. Through reputation management, social media monitoring, listings management, and local page optimization, you can elevate your online presence and manage reputation. Chatmeter’s Local Brand Visibility score enhances SEO strategies to give businesses a competitive advantage by measuring local online presence and comparing it against regional and national competition.

Prices: provided upon request

Screenshot of Chatmeter, one of the best paid media monitoring tools

57. Reputation

Reputation is software designed to turn consumer feedback into actionable insights, covering the entire customer journey from acquisition to loyalty. Through intuitive surveys, you can create, track, and analyze feedback. The platform's Review Booster feature can help comprehend brand perception by centrally managing, requesting, and responding to reviews. The platform also offers Social Suite services with features like a cross-channel inbox and smart assets library that can create customizable social postings and schedule them.

Price: offers a 30-day free trial, and the price can be customized to your business

58. TVeyes

If you are looking for a platform that monitors traditional media, try TVeyes. The platform allows users to closely monitor and review global TV and radio coverage, covering almost 3,000 stations across 27 countries and 30 languages. Its Media Monitoring Suite feature provides essential information like station details, search results timestamps, program metadata, audience viewership metrics, transcripts, and more.

Price: inquired through contacting sales

59. Atribus

Atribus is a social listening SAAS tool. It excels in social media and digital media monitoring, helping you identify influencers, gain deeper insights into your audience, and conduct competitor analysis. It also lets you design customized reports from major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Price: can be requested after the free demo

60. Tailwind

Tailwind is a marketing tool that streamlines content creation and distribution for businesses. It offers personalized marketing plans for email and social media, guiding users with post ideas and real-world examples. The platform's Ghostwriter feature uses generative AI to create a tailored brand copy. It also simplifies design with professional-quality templates and integrates scheduling and distribution across multiple networks.

Price: starting from $19.99 per month

Screenshot of Tailwind, one of the 60 best paid media monitoring tools

The best 40 free media monitoring tools

While there are many paid tools available with premium features, there are also many free or freemium tools in the market that are targeted towards small-scale businesses and freelancers. Here's a list of leading free media monitoring tools:

1. Sprout Social

Sprouts is highly favored by PR professionals. Using AI for audience insights and crisis management, it simplifies tasks. You can publish content, engage with customers, follow trends, and monitor performance across all social platforms in one place. This tool is great for usability. Sprout also offers excellent customer support to ensure the best experience for users.

Price: It has a 90-day free trial and then $299 monthly

2. NewzDash

Newzdash provides essential business features, ensuring widespread visibility on platforms like Google Top Stories and Google News. Its tracking system keeps a close eye on top trends and keywords in SERPs, monitoring your site's rankings in both top stories and organic results. With near real-time news keyword tracking, it also offers updates every 15 minutes and allows users to customize tracking intervals.

Screenshot of NewzDash, one of the 60 best free media monitoring tools

3. Sprinklr

Sprinklr turns real-time customer feedback into a competitive advantage. It provides insights into customer opinions about products and services and offers a glimpse into competitors' strategies, allowing for a complete understanding of market trends and customer needs.

Price: It offers a 90-day free trial and then $249 monthly

4. Buffer

Buffer simplifies social media for users by offering an all-in-one solution for creating and publishing posts across various platforms. It can manage multiple channels and has an AI assistant that generates fresh ideas, repurposes your existing content, and translates posts. You can expand your reach by uploading a video once and sharing on shorts, reels, and TikTok, maximizing views in half the time.

5. KeyTrends

KeyTrends has all the typical media monitoring features. It uses AI and user data to generate unique and diverse multi-channel content using 30 templates for efficient content creation. It also simplifies user and competitor research by providing insights into search intentions and competitor content without visiting SERPs. You can also create SEO briefings and detect new trends based on Google Trends data.

Screenshot of KeyTrends, one of the top free media monitoring tools

6. Anewstip

Anewstip uses the world's largest media database to help professionals find relevant contacts efficiently. The platform's search allows users to locate media contacts based on their writings or tweets, tapping into an index of over 200 million news articles. The tool lets users create tailored media lists.

Price: free and paid plans are provided upon inquiry

7. HubSpot

HubSpot's CRM platform comprises six key products for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, operations, and commerce. These products integrate with the same central CRM database, which provides insights into the customer's journey. You can access detailed reports on sales activities, productivity, and individual performance.

8. Google Trends

Google stands out for its simplicity and adaptability. It's a free resource offering data and graphs about the popularity of specific searches on Google and YouTube. It allows comparisons of up to five groups of terms simultaneously, each containing up to 25 terms. It's a free resource offering data and graphs about the popularity of specific searches on Google and YouTube.

Screenshot of Google Trends, one of the best free media monitoring tools

9. Onclusive

This tracks coverage of brands, individuals, competitors, sectors, and the industry. Its Media API also grants access to the world's largest digital news crawler, allowing flexible import, analysis, and visualization of media data into users' reporting environments. Its continuous monitoring also covers global and local media outlets, allowing businesses to stay informed globally.

10. AlphaSense

AlphaSense utilizes advanced AI technology to sift through an extensive database of over 10,000 sources, including company filings, broker research, and expert calls. Their Wall Street Insights feature offers access to equity research reports from renowned firms like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan. The platform also provides access to a vast collection of transcribed expert calls from interviews with executives, competitors, or partners.

11. Nexis Newsdesk

Nexis offers a range of services tailored for brand visibility. The software provides custom newsletter curation and relevant information aligned with brand identity and preferences. For brands needing a health check, it also provides brand health reports that identify strengths and weaknesses to formulate proactive growth strategies. Their Brand Benchmark Analysis assesses brand competitiveness, analyzing the share of voice and media coverage volume.

Screenshot of Nexis Newsdesk, one of the top free media monitoring tools

12. SnapStream

Snapstream is software that captures live events in real time to boost influence, amplify reach, and enhance revenue streams. You can curate clips accompanied by personalized commentary and share them across social media platforms. It has Gmail and Slack integrations and creates high-quality, frame-accurate video clips from any live content and also has a feature to make precise searches across video transcripts using keywords.

13. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics offers television searches and news media monitoring features. It gathers news stories from global sources and stores them as images for easy reference. Its social media monitoring tools can also identify posts discussing a brand or products across social platforms. The tool utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze all mentions.

14. AgoraPulse

With Agorapulse, you can create, track messages, and get reports based on your audience data. The platform helps you organize your content and monitor customer interactions. It analyzes data to find trends and insights about your brand and competitors.

Screenshot of AgoraPulse, one of the best free news monitoring tools

15. Determ

Determ tracks websites, social media, and niche sources globally without language or location limitations. You can receive notifications when they trend online, supported by detailed reports. Determ also monitors sentiment, reach, share of voice, and more, allowing users to observe public opinion and brand popularity changes over time. It offers flexible data export options, including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

16. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo simplifies complex data analysis for businesses. It enables users to build internal reporting tools, allowing them to query content archives for specific keywords and domains. The platform integrates with various data sources, providing essential KPIs to dashboards. You can enhance your web applications by adding industry-relevant content feeds and keeping your audience informed about news.

17. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset for marketers. With its Site Explorer feature, you can audit and optimize your websites. Its Keywords Explorer feature helps find relevant keywords that customers are searching for, while its Content Explorer feature uncovers valuable content ideas and link opportunities. It also includes a rank tracker that monitors the progress of website rankings over time.

Screenshot of Ahrefs, one of the best free news monitoring tools

18. has coverage of news sources from over 190 countries dating back to 2008. The platform ensures users stay ahead with up-to-date data through smart web crawlers, providing a constant stream of accurate information. You can also monitor brand activities across various channels, analyze influencers' impact, perform topic analysis, and assess PR impact.

19. Buzzlogic

Buzzlogic is led by a team of SEO and content experts with over 30 years of experience. Their expertise lies in building high-quality backlinks. Buzzlogic ensures brands are featured in top media outlets like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Huff Post, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan, enhancing credibility and reach. In a strategic move for 2023, Buzzlogic focuses exclusively on HARO (Help a Reporter Out) link building.

20. Awario

Awario is a versatile PR tool that caters to businesses of all sizes. The platform tracks mentions and keywords in any language and location across the web. Awario ensures crucial conversations aren't missed by sending email alerts and providing daily or weekly summaries directly to inboxes. Their powerful Boolean search allows flexible and precise queries, eliminating irrelevant mentions.

Screenshot of Awario, one of the top paid media monitoring tools

21. Social Searcher

Social Searcher simplifies online presence tracking, ensuring no mention goes unnoticed. The software has a straight-to-the-point method to monitor public social mentions across various networks and the web. Its Actionable Social Analytics feature also enables content performance analysis through charts and reports, pinpointing activity spikes for crisis management. It also explores popular hashtags and offers sentiment analysis.

22. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a social media monitoring platform. It allows companies to monitor and analyze brand mentions across popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more, as well as millions of other data sources like news articles and blogs. Historical data can also be fetched across platforms. The tool provides accurate sentiment analysis in various languages using advanced machine-learning algorithms.

23. Semantrum

Semantrum is a smart tool that monitors news and social media for you. It can sort through articles and posts, organizing them by feelings, people, and languages. It has easy-to-read charts and graphs that update themselves, helping users understand the information without the hassle. You can see how people feel about topics, who’s talking about them, and where they’re talking from.

24. Wizikey

Wizikey is a tool focused on a brand's Share of Voice (SOV) and its impact on the audience. It helps businesses understand the reach and influence of their mentions and publications compared to competitors. You can create instant notifications for references to your brand, clients, products, and competitors. The same applies to key influencers, journalists, and bloggers, ensuring you stay current with their latest publications.

Photo of Wizikey, one of the best free media monitoring tools

25. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a user-friendly and free tool that will let you keep tabs on specific keywords or phrases of interest. This service operates as a content change detection and notification system, courtesy of Google. When Google Alerts detects new results, ranging from web pages and newspaper articles to blogs and scientific research, that align with the user's specific search term, it promptly sends email notifications. While this tool is simplistic, it serves as a valuable assistant to ensure you stay updated on your chosen topics.

26. Aylien

Aylien’s advanced PR tool goes beyond conventional keyword searches and lets you enhance its media aggregation, search, and analysis capabilities. The platform allows users to filter out noise and create precise streams of media content. Their curated content partnerships ensure coverage across local, national, and international news from 80,000 global sources, offering access to 1.2 million articles daily. What sets Aylien apart is its News API, which provides in-depth analysis capabilities beyond keywords. You can explore time series data, conduct trend analysis, and leverage complex modeling tools.

27. Newslit

Newslit simplifies the process of keyword searches with added filters to deliver the most relevant content from over 100,000 reliable sources daily. With integration tools, news can be shared on various platforms. You can also distribute news to Slack channels, automate briefs to any app in Zapier, and power their content curation strategy across social media accounts via Hootsuite.

Photo of Newslit, one of the best media monitoring tools

28. Readly

Readly has a vast collection of over 5,000 digitized media outlets, including magazines and newspapers, and it stands as a platform for staying informed. Regarding newspapers, Readly provides access to 15 national newspapers catering to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. You can use the search function to explore articles across Readly's extensive catalog of media sources. This tool is perfect if you want to access a wide range of publications.

29. YUMPU News

YUMPU News is a digital newsstand that gathers magazines and newspapers worldwide. It has partnered with 95% of the UK publishing market. You can easily access a vast selection of news sources in one place. YUMPU simplifies the process, allowing users to enjoy diverse reading materials conveniently on their digital devices. Its rapid expansion in the UK indicates its effectiveness, promising users a comprehensive and varied reading experience without hassle.

30. Warble

Warble offers a convenient solution through once-a-day email alerts for Twitter. You can track specific keywords, phrases, hashtags, mentions, and more. These alerts are delivered to your inbox and are accessible on any device. Warble's integration with Twitter, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it perfect for anyone seeking efficient and hassle-free social media monitoring.

31. Reputology

Reputology monitors across platforms like Google, Facebook, local directories, and employee review sites. It also tracks reviews related to locations, products, and services, all from one user-friendly dashboard. The platform collects all feedback in a central location, providing an overview of the customer experience. Its customizable surveys also allow continuous feedback gathering for implementing improvements.

Price: Offers a 14-day free trial, and paid plans are customizable

32. Propel

Propel integrates workflows, PR data sets, and AI technology into media monitoring. Trusted by over 500 clients, including renowned brands like Microsoft, NPR, and Real Chemistry, the platform helps PR and communications professionals simplify campaign management, monitor media relationships, measure performance, and gauge ROI. Propel generates drafts for pitches, press releases, and media lists and offers an integrated CRM experience tailored specifically for PR.

33. Fedica

This tool simplifies social media management across six platforms. It helps create schedules and automate content like threads and polls, saving time and effort. Users can target different types of people and figure out the best times to post for different regions. It provides an organized content calendar and suggests trending topics for inspiration. The tool also uses AI to improve message clarity and engagement.

34. Diffbot

You can rely on Diffbot to ensure you receive accurate and relevant news updates about news. Its multilingual natural language understanding ensures precise news filtering with 20 languages. For organizations, it provides detailed information such as categories, revenue, and locations for over 246 million entities. Regarding news and articles, it can incorporate entity matching and topic-level sentiment analysis across different content pieces. You can extract specific data on demand that highlights your PR efforts.

35. Nexalogy

Nexalogy is the go-to social media discovery and monitoring platform. It supports languages like English, French, Russian, and Korean. It merges quantitative and qualitative data from various social platforms for a deeper understanding of your audience. Nexalogy also provides an interactive timeline, highlights active periods, and identifies top publishers. The platform's standout feature, the Lexical Map, conducts automatic co-word analysis, visually representing top concepts in colored clusters, simplifying complex big data buzz.

36. Hypefactors

Hypefactors is a platform for earned media professionals that processes a staggering volume daily: 17.8 million forum posts, 500 million tweets, 95 million Instagram posts, and 20,000 print pages. It tracks conversations across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or media outlets. You have the flexibility to focus on specific brands, markets, or media types, tailoring your monitoring streams precisely to your needs.

37. Khoros

Khoros consolidates all social media accounts and campaigns into one secure platform and manages a cohesive team. The platform ensures security and approval workflows. Its power lies in its ability to measure and report on vital business metrics with custom insights, providing unified visibility across paid and organic efforts. It also offers openness, allowing integration with existing software investments, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity.

38. Sitejabber

Sitejabber uses AI to improve interactions between businesses and buyers through online reviews. Its browser extension simplifies the online review process. You can view site ratings directly in search results and the browser bar, providing instant insights while browsing. You can also contribute by writing reviews and asking questions directly within the extension. The platform is a trusted partner of Google and recognizes consumer protection.

39. Yotpo

Yotpo offers a versatile eCommerce platform designed for customer service. The platform offers retention marketing solutions by centralizing all product data, businesses gain insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and engagement across channels. The platform enables easy onboarding, compliance with privacy regulations, dedicated client services, and simplified billing.

40. Publer

Publer is a social media management platform that allows the scheduling of visuals, providing detailed tracking of link clicks. Users can invite team members, assign roles, and manage hierarchies. Publer's analytics also feature help in identifying top-performing content, optimal posting times, and engaged audiences.

How to choose the best media monitoring tool?

With these many choices, choosing the right platform for your business can depend on what you want to achieve: crisis management, audience engagement, expanding reach on social media, or maybe a little bit of everything. While some platforms provide higher-end features like competitor analysis and built-in behavioral data, most will have basic hallmarks such as digital and traditional media mentions, keyword mentions, sentiment analysis, and an all-in-one dashboard.

If you’re still debating on which features are best for your brand, here are a few pointers to consider:

Integration and ease-of-use

If your brand has already established a media workflow with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Hootsuite, consider how much effort it might take to implement a new media monitoring platform for your business. Focus on user-friendly platforms such as ReviewTrackers, Loomly, and SnapStream that allow for easy integration of tools that can simplify your workflow.

Size and scale

Consider the size of your business when deciding on a media monitoring platform. Your small-scale organization might not need unlimited keywords and traditional media mentions, while bigger enterprises will need full coverage for media outlets, social media, and competitor analysis. Think about the number of channels you need to monitor and how many users you’ll need.


Going hand-in-hand with the size and scale of your brand, think about how much money you can invest in media monitoring tools. The price range for these platforms varies greatly; for example, Cision and Meltwater are the most expensive platforms on the list, offering yearly contracts that span $7000 to $8000 annually, while many free tools provide similar features on a much smaller scale. Also, consider platforms with individual costs depending on customizable features. These can be helpful for most small to mid-scale businesses. Lastly, note whether the platforms offer free trials or demos to compare different features before making your final decision.

Final thoughts

Media monitoring is immensely helpful in growing and maintaining your brand, and as we’ve learned, there is no shortage of tools. Understanding the purpose and significance of media coverage analysis is one of the golden rules of PR and media monitoring tools that align with your specific business needs are a great way for measuring press coverage. With newly integrated automation and AI features, these platforms are here to make your life easier, so make sure to use them to your benefit.

Importantly, these tools aren't confined to particular industries or online spaces; they extend to traditional media like TV, radio, and newspapers. They serve diverse sectors such as technology, PR agencies, and healthcare. Regardless of your business type, these media monitoring tools are invaluable partners.

Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRHive

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