Top Massachusetts Newspapers

Massachusetts has nearly seven million residents and several dozen newspapers to keep its residents informed, ranging from major dailies to community weeklies. In this list, we’ll feature the major newspapers in Massachusetts that promote a closer sense of community while breaking news and reporting on national and global issues.

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15 Massachusetts newspapers

1. Boston Herald

The Boston Herald covers local and national news, including sports, community events, and entertainment. In addition to this, the paper has an online website with daily news stories and a radio station where the Herald's staff discuss the most recent news and current events. The paper was established in 1846 and has been recognized for its effectual reporting, earning eight Pulitzer Prizes since its establishment. It is distributed around the city and has a circulation of around 25,000 in its weekday issues and over 70,000 on Saturdays.

Boston Herald, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

2. Cape Cod Times

The Cape Cod Times is a one-stop resource for news from all around the Cape Cod region. The paper covers everything from local news and business to sports, and cultural events. Additionally, given Cape Cod’s Islands and coastal landscape, the paper has an emphasis on environmental reporting. This includes news and relevant research on conservation, marine life, and the impact of sea level rise on the local ecosystem. The paper is distributed to 20,000 households around the towns in Cape Cod and has an exhaustive online website featuring the latest breaking news and editorial content.

Cape Cod Times, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

3. The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe features investigative reports, sports news, and editorial content like music reviews and opinion pieces. The paper is the winner of multiple awards, most notably earning a Pulitzer in 2003 after the paper’s investigative team exposed sexual abuse cases of children by Roman Catholic priests. This breakthrough was a significant investigation in the paper's history and for the Catholic church.

The Boston Globe, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

4. Sampan

As the first bilingual newspaper for the Asian-American community in Massachusetts, Sampan was established in 1972 to create connections within the Asian immigrant community in the United States. The paper is published in both English and Chinese and focuses on news including human interest stories of migrant families, civil rights, education, local events, and cultural activities. The paper is distributed bi-weekly beyond Boston, reaching all the way to Hawaii.

Sampan, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

5. The Lowell Sun

The Lowell Sun publishes local news, politics, business, sports, culture, and community events in the Merrimack Valley region. The paper, being one of the oldest in the United States, is widely read all over the state with more than 42,000 daily readers, excluding its online website which features daily breaking news, opinions, and the latest headlines.

6. The Recorder

The Recorder was established in 1792 in Greenfield. The daily paper covers Franklin County and the North Quabbin region, publishing stories of residents, breaking news, sports news, and opinion pieces. The publication has a close community focus on its online website which features events around the state in addition to the latest local and national news.

7. The Springfield Republican

The Springfield Republican was founded in 1824 and covers local and national news, politics, business, sports, and community events. During its early years, the paper gained significance because of contributors like J. G. Holland and Samuel Bowles when it came to achieving literary quality and moral stance. Today, the paper publishes local and national news, sports news, business insights, real estate news, and more.

The Springfield Republican, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

8. Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette has comprehensive coverage of local news, high school sports, politics, business, arts, and community events with a daily circulation of around 22,000. In addition to this, the paper also includes sections like Business Matters, Cars, Travel, and Living and Homes.

9. The Daily Item

The Daily Item was first issued in 1877 in Lynn. The daily newspaper publishes political news, sports, and entertainment. Its coverage also includes community news on its online website where the publication celebrates its residents with local stories, small businesses, and a dedicated section for weddings, engagements, and anniversary announcements.

10. The Patriot Ledger

The Patriot Ledger was founded in 1837. With a daily circulation of around 13,000, the Quincy based newspaper covers local news, politics, business insights, sports news, and community events. The publication also has a close focus on local stories that reflect the unique character of the South Shore.

The Patriot Ledger, one of the best Massachusetts newspapers

11. The Eagle-Tribune

The Eagle-Tribune was established in 1867. The North Andover based paper covers Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The paper follows its motto “New that hits home” by focusing on communities across Southern New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley. The paper covers breaking news, sports news, editorials, obituaries, and community stories and publishes its newspaper daily alongside its Sunday edition.

12. The Enterprise

The Enterprise was launched in Brockton in 1881. The daily newspaper covers significant local news and developments within Brockton with a daily circulation of around 35,000. Other than breaking news and politics, much like most Massachusetts based newspapers, The Enterprise has a special focus on sports, covering high school sports, basketball, Ice-hockey, and national sports news.

13. Standard-Times

The Standard-Times was established in 1850 in New Bedford. The newspaper is popular in the South Coast region, publishing local news, politics, business, sports, arts, and community events. The publication also posts daily news stories on its online website, South Coast Today. Additionally, because New Bedford is one of the most popular and historic fishing ports in the United States, the Standard-Times is known for its coverage of the fishing industry.

14. The Berkshire Eagle

The Berkshire Eagle is a Pittsfield based paper that publishes local news around Berkshire County, including politics, business, arts, sports, and community events. The paper also strongly focuses on investigative journalism in its reporting, with its weekend edition earning the title of Newspaper of the Year in circulation for five consecutive years from 2018 to 2022.

15. El Planeta

El Planeta is a Spanish-language newspaper for the 800,000 Spanish-speaking community in Massachusetts. It provides news and information in Spanish, covering local news like politics, immigration, human interest stories, policy, entertainment, and community events.

Beyond the headlines

Massachusetts’ community-based newspapers reflect its commitment to keeping its residents well-informed. From daily newspapers to specialized publications, these go beyond conventional news reporting by bonding the community with events and celebrations. In an age dominated by digital platforms, these newspapers remain significantly consistent in connecting residents with local and national news through print journalism.


The Boston Globe is the largest newspaper in Massachusetts with a circulation of around 69,000 daily. The paper is owned by Boston Globe Media Partners and is known for its prestige and award-winning journalism. The paper also has a large subscriber base on its online website with around 200,000 in 2021 which includes metro news with politics and investigations, sports news, business news, and opinions. The publication's digital content also includes podcasts, columns, and op-eds.

The oldest newspaper in Massachusetts is The Boston News Letter. Serving the Crown in the Massachusetts colony, the paper related news about British politics, European affairs, and news around the colonies. The paper was founded in 1704 before ceasing its publication in 1776 after the US Congress declared independence from England.

The oldest newspaper that is still in operation is the Boston Globe. It was founded in 1872 and remains the most popular and largest in the state when it comes to circulation.

Massachusetts follows the same media ownership structure and antitrust regulations as the rest of the United States. There are restructures in cross-ownership within the same market to diverse viewpoints. Similarly, international regulations also have ownership regulation and cases where the government may indirectly control media ownership. This isn’t the case for the United States where there is a strong emphasis on freedom of the press.

Ownership of newspapers in Massachusetts includes local ownership where a group of investors own the publication, national chains in which a major media corporation owns various local newspapers in different regions, independent ownership, and nonprofit ownership.

The well-known Berkshire Eagle in Massachusetts is owned by local investors Hans Morris, Robert G. Wilmers, and Fredric Rutberg who purchased the paper in 2016. The largest newspaper in the state, The Boston Globe was initially owned by the New York Times Company, a national chain in the United States, being independently owned by John W. Henry who acquired the paper in 2013.

The largest newspaper in Massachusetts, The Boston Globe is under the independent ownership of John W.Henry. However, the majority of the newspapers in Massachusetts are owned by large corporations and chains. This includes The Springfield Republican which is owned by Advance Publications, The Eagle-Tribune which is owned by CNHI, and The Sun which is owned by Digital First Media, among others.

The best way to reach out to the newspapers in Massachusetts is through the publication's website which provides phone numbers, email addresses, and social media of relevant departments, including reporters and editors. The website also typically includes forums where people can send press releases and collaboration inquiries.

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