Top Connecticut Newspapers

Connecticut is home to coastal cities, historic rural towns, and expanding suburbs that have many community-focused news and events. Serving Connecticut’s 3.6 million population, there are several dozen daily and weekly newspapers that feature local news and community events around the state.

So whether you want to catch up on city life or local events in a particular area, these newspapers showcase their excellence in journalism and media, providing timely local and national news updates. In this blog, we list the biggest newspapers in Connecticut that have kept their communities informed and entertained for decades.

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15 Connecticut newspapers

1. Journal Inquirer

Journal Inquirer is a daily newspaper in Manchester, Connecticut. Founded in 1968, the paper came into existence after a merger of the Rockville Journal and the South and East Windsor Inquirer in 1967. The Inquirer has three print editions dedicated to different regions covering local news, education, real estate, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment. The paper is also available with an e-edition and has a magazine issue showcasing local businesses.

Journal Inquirer, one of the best Connecticut newspapers

2. Connecticut Post

The Connecticut Post covers the latest local stories, news, events, and sports mainly focusing on Fairfield County and issues surrounding Bridgeport. The paper has a history dating back to 1883 and has been passed around various owners, most recently being operated by Hearst Communications who acquired the paper in 2008. The daily newspaper is southwestern Connecticut’s largest daily newspaper with around 53,000 everyday readers.

Connecticut Post, one of the best Connecticut newspapers

3. Shoreline Times

Shoreline Times is a weekly newspaper for the New Haven community in Connecticut, home to rich histories and academic influence. The paper covers local and national news, sports, entertainment, and community-focused content about the city’s galleries, music, and theaters. The Times also has a website that focuses on statewide political news and local blogs that dive into specific neighborhoods.

Shoreline Times, one of the best Connecticut newspapers

4. New Haven Register

New Haven Register is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States founded in 1812 and the longest to have continuously published since its establishment. It features the latest news on sports, politics, entertainment, and food and dining. The Register is distributed to more than 10 cities and towns across the coastal city of New Haven. In 2015, the paper had a circulation of over 64,000.

5. The Middletown Press

Originally called Middlesex Monitor, The Middletown Press was a daily flier started in 1878 by Ernest King and his son who wanted to amplify news about the 1884 presidential elections. Later, this paper turned into a one-cent daily newspaper, often known as a penny press. Today, the paper is distributed around Middlesex County and features local and national news, sports, entertainment, and more.

6. Record-Journal

Record-Journal was established as The Weekly Visitor in 1896. It covers a local area in Meriden and was run by Carter White and his family until it was sold in 2023 to Hearst Communications. The paper's readership peaked in the 2000s when it doubled in size. The paper also posts regular news articles on its online website which covers community news, lifestyle, health, and real estate. As of 2013, its printed version had a daily circulation of 14,000 daily.

7. The Day

The Day is a local newspaper in New London. It was formerly known as The New Londay Day and was founded in 1881. The paper covers local and national news, sports, arts, and entertainment. Notably, its Day Trust focuses on running the newspaper and helping a charity foundation called the Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation. This was established to make sure that the newspaper stayed independent and owned by local people. Any money made by the newspaper goes to support nonprofit groups in The Day's main area where it's read.

8. The Hour

The Hour, also known as The Norwalk Hour, features news from Fairfield County and the areas of Wilton, Darien, Weston, New Canaan, and Westport. Founded in 1871, it is read by 15,000 households daily and covers business, sports, and entertainment. The printed paper mainly covers local and important news stories within the community, while their website is free and provides the latest updates on breaking news.

Hartford Courant, one of the best Connecticut newspapers

9. Hartford Courant

Hartford Courant is the biggest daily newspaper in Connecticut with more than 90,000 daily readers. The paper reflects Hartford’s historic culture, publishing articles about local news, arts, and city events, alongside breaking news and business updates. The paper is also known as one of the oldest newspapers in the United States and the largest one in Connecticut.

10. Yale Daily News

Yale Daily News is an independent newspaper published by the students of Yale University. Known as one of the oldest college newspapers, it also ranks among the top college daily newspapers in the United States. The paper is run by 300 Yale students and staff members with regular contributors, including a large social media team that frequently engages with its online audience. In addition to its daily publications, the paper also publishes subsidiaries each year, including the WKND, Game Day Issue, and the First Year issue.

11. Stamford Advocate

Stamford Advocate is a daily newspaper founded in 1829. Since its establishment, the paper was a family owned and run business until it was acquired by Hearst Corporation in 2007. The paper features everything from the latest news, business, and real estate to entertainment, comics, and opinion pieces.

New Haven Register, one of the best Connecticut newspapers

12. The Darien Times

The Darien Times focuses on local news around the town of Darien, with coverage on sports, school, and entertainment. The paper was founded in 1993 and is published weekly. It has a reputation for being community-focused and frequently features local stories and businesses.

13. Jewish Ledger

Established in 1929, the Jewish Ledger’s coverage focuses on Jewish life in Connecticut and is published in weekly and monthly editions. It was founded by Samuel Neusner and Rabbi Abraham J. Feldman and covers topics such as local news, spiritual life, and education for the Jewish community, as well as frequent features of Jewish events.

14. ReminderNews

ReminderNews was first published in 1949 and serves the eastern part of Connecticut. Owned by Hartford Courant, the newspaper has 16 different print editions that feature local news, human interest stories, education, and business. Each edition is targeted by location and also covers community-specific announcements such as school events, town events, meetings and budgets, local sports, and local organizations.

15. The Fairfield Mirror

The Fairfield Mirror is a student newspaper from Fairfield University. The paper was founded as The Mirror in 1977 and covers university news, opinion pieces, and sports news. Since its establishment, student staff have won several journalism awards from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists for editorial writing, sports photography, and more.

Guiding communities

Connecticut's daily and weekly newspapers form an essential network, keeping the state's residents informed about local news and community events. Whether you're interested in city life or breaking news, Connecticut newspapers are reliable guides. Throughout history, these papers have demonstrated journalism and media expertise, contributing significantly to the tradition of keeping large communities informed and entertained.


The Hartford Courant is the largest daily newspaper in Connecticut. The paper has a circulation of approximately 220,000. It was owned by Times Mirror before being acquired by Tribune Publishing in 2000.

After more employees opted to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hartford Courant closed its main newsroom and physical headquarters in December 2020. In 2021, after Alden Global Capital acquired a unit of Tribune Publishing, they announced the end of the Courant Community newspapers in 2024. The publication has not fully ceased its printed publication and releases daily breaking news on its online website,

Having both titles of the largest and the oldest newspaper in Connecticut, The Hartford Courant was originally published under the name the Connecticut Courant. It was founded by Thomas Green, then later published by John L. Boswell in 1837.

The paper's first weekly issue appeared in 1764 before Boswell started publishing the Hartford Courant in the early 1800s. Believing that the new daily publication is a subsidiary of its original weekly publication, the Hartford Courant is believed to be one of the oldest newspapers in the United States.

Newspapers in Connecticut are bound to laws enforced in the wider United States media ownership that is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). While ownership structure varies depending on region, American media has to constrict antitrust laws that promote competition in the market.

After advertisement revenues fell more than 20 percent in 2008, the largest newspaper in Connecticut, the Hartford Courant merged with Fox 61 and began working in a joint newsroom. Similar to this, many newspaper publications have followed a joined structure to survive economic troubles and the rise of digital information.

The ownership of newspapers in Connecticut consists of a combination of large media companies and smaller independent ownership. Out of the three largest newspapers in Connecticut, the Connecticut Post and New Haven Register are owned by Hearst Communication while the largest newspaper, the Hartford Courant is owned by Tribune Publishing.

Many newspapers in Connecticut are under the ownership of Hearst Communication, one of the biggest multinational mass media companies in the United States. The company owns the majority of the local newspapers in Connecticut, including the Journal Inquirer, Stamford Advocate, the Connecticut Post, and The News-Times.

As for the Hartford Courant, despite efforts to keep its ownership local, it was bought by Alden Global Capital in 2021, a hedge fund known for downsizing to earn profits. There are a few local independent papers still surviving in Connecticut. The Day is an independent paper that was owned by Theodore Bodewein before being held in public trust and remaining independent while supporting the charity, Bodenwein Public Benevolent Foundation with its profits.

The best way to reach out to newspapers in Connecticut is through social media and resources on the publication's website. Many of these papers have a ‘contact us’ section where you can find email addresses, phone numbers, and the names of reporters and editors in relevant sections. Majority of these also include contact forms and email addresses for press releases and breaking news tips.

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