South Carolina Newspapers

Newspapers established in the South are among the oldest in the United States. South Carolina's newspaper includes tales of the past and present, focusing on its local communities. They shape the narrative of a state that values both tradition and progress. In this list, we’ll explore the biggest newspapers in South Carolina, including their histories and where they stand today.

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15 South Carolina newspapers

1. Aiken Standard

Aiken Standard was first published in 1867 as the Aiken Press. The paper was passed down to several owners during the 1800s, before being acquired by The Evening Post Industries in 1968. The daily paper publishes national news, sports insights, and community news, alongside breaking news and Aiken area news on its online website.

2. Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper is a weekly local newspaper based in Berkeley. The paper and its online website cover local news, culture, art, and events around Charleston City. The paper has worked on advertising revenue since 1997 and offers comprehensive coverage of Lowcountry’s culture such as food, arts, music, cartoons, and local controversies. The paper was founded in 1997.

3. The Greenville News

With a daily circulation of around 43,000, The Greenville News is the third largest newspaper in South Carolina. It covers local and national news, and sports, and has an extensive entertainment section that frequently features fashion, food, arts, and travel content. As an alternative to its paid subscription, the paper also has a Greenville edition that focuses on lifestyle and entertainment around Greenville, freely available in various counties across the state. The paper was first published in 1874.

4. The State

The State is the second largest newspaper in South Carolina. Covering politics, sports, and entertainment, the paper has a daily circulation of over 36,000. The publication's online website also offers breaking news and newsletters. The paper was founded by brothers N.G. Gonzales and A.E. Gonzales in 1891, before being sold to various companies throughout the years before being purchased by McClatchy in 2006.

5. Myrtle Beach Sun News

Myrtle Beach Sun News or Sun News, came into existence in 1935 after brothers-in-law, C.L. Phillips and J. Clarence Macklen started a printing press for their local community. As of 2020, the paper is distributed to around 21,000 households and covers local news, sports, things to do, and life in Myrtle Beach.

6. The Post and Courier

The Post and Courier was first issued in 1803. Known for its grade-A investigative journalism, the paper has exposed corruption countless times through its project ‘Uncovered’. It also has multiple Pulitzer Prizes under its belt for its coverage of domestic violence, climate change, and other investigations.

7. The Times and Democrat

The Times and Democrat is an Orangeburg based paper that was initially founded as a way to spread political doctrines after the American Civil War. Today, the paper covers local and national news, crime, sports, entertainment, and community news. It also has an e-edition of its printed version and a popular buy-and-sell section for its community. The paper was established in 1881.

8. The Morning News

The Morning News (TMN) is a daily newspaper covering Florence. Originally called the Farmer’ Friend, the newspaper was first issued in 1889. The paper publishes breaking news, investigative reports, essays, and entertainment content. Its publication, under the ownership of Lee Enterprises, also operates as the central hub for four weekly newspapers: The Hartsville Messenger, The Lake City News and Post, The Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise, and The Weekly Observer.

9. The Item

The Item was South Carolina’s first small-town newspaper covering Sumter, Lee, and Clarendon counties. In addition to its daily paper, The Item publishes weekend editions and magazines highlighting life in Sumter and a ‘Best of’ series for each county. The print and digital paper covers news, local business, and lifestyle, and has a dedicated page for Sumter’s Next Generation that highlights youths of the county. The paper was established in 1894.

10. Asheville Citizen-Time

Asheville Citizen-Time was initiated in 1870 after a merger between the Morning Asheville Citizen and the Afternoon Asheville Times. With a circulation of around 26,000, the daily paper reports on local news, sports, and entertainment in its printed paper and online website.

11. The Island Packet

The Island Packet covers news around the towns of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. The paper is distributed to around 16,000 households and covers local news, opinion, sports, finance, and entertainment. It was founded in 1870.

12. Bluffton Today

Bluffton Today is a daily newspaper first published in 2005. The Bluffton based paper covers local news, sports, and lifestyle. Notably, it combines elements of citizen journalism in its reporting for a better local community focus. The newspaper has a circulation of around 11,600 daily and maintains an online website for breaking news articles.

13. Spartanburg County News

Spartanburg Herald-Journal is a daily newspaper that publishes local and national news, sports, food and dining, and opinion pieces. It also frequently features USA Today articles for its top news and headlines. The paper has a daily circulation of around 13,000 and was founded in 1842.

14. The Edgefield Advertiser

First issued in 1836, The Edgefield Advertiser is one of South Carolina’s oldest newspapers to be published under the same name. With a community focus, the paper strives to be "a first draft of history," with objective reporting and human interest stories. The paper covers local and national news, sports, op-eds, and more.

15. The Daily Gamecock

As a student newspaper for the University of South Carolina, The Daily Gamecock covers daily news, university sports, opinion pieces, arts, and culture. The collage paper was established in 1908 and was the first student newspaper in South Carolina to publish daily. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it stopped its print editions and moved exclusively online.


These newspapers reveal important accounts of what is happening around the state to keep residents informed, whether it's about breaking news or community events. The local news and community stories in these newspapers have always been significant in shaping the narrative of South Carolina.


The Post and Courier is the largest newspaper in South Carolina. It had a circulation of around 56,000 in 2015. The paper publishes daily print editions alongside breaking news, sports news, and entertainment content on its website. The paper is owned by Evening Post Industries which owns multiple newspapers in South Carolina including The Georgetown Times, Aiken Standard, The Star, and The Kingstree News.

Along with being the largest newspaper in South Carolina, The Post and Courier also has the title of the oldest newspaper in the state. The Post and Courier was a result of a merger between The Courier, established in 1803, and The Evening Post, established in 1894. The paper is still in operation today with daily print editions and comprehensive multimedia content such as online news, an app, and podcasts.

Following the standard regulations for the United States, media ownership is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which has laws on cross-media ownership rules, local ownership rules, and ownership limits to prevent market control of a single company.

While the United States ownership structure focuses on dispersing the media concentration, the majority of the newspapers in the country are owned by large corporations to keep businesses afloat in the face of economic concerns such as the rise of digital information and COVID-19.

Newspapers in South Carolina are distributed according to the standard of antitrust laws that encourage marketing competition. In South Carolina, newspaper ownership spans from being owned by private individuals and investors, to large media companies, chain companies, or non-profit entities.

The McClatchy Company is a chain media company that owns six daily newspapers in South Carolina including The Beaufort Gazette, The Island Packet, The Herald, and The State, among others. Some of these local papers were purchased as a result of McClatchy acquiring Knight Ridder, a newspaper media company in 2006.

Most major newspapers in South Carolina, including The Greenville News, Bluffton Today, and Charleston Mercury are owned by private media companies that own and operate newspapers throughout the country. Few individually or locally owned newspapers exist in the state.

Although its largest paper, The Post and Courier is owned by the Evening Post Industries, a local company based in Charleston, it is part of a larger local conglomerate that owns multiple newspapers in South Carolina. The Sumter Item stands out as a local and independently owned publication by Osteen Publishing Company, a family owned group.

If you’re looking to reach out to newspapers in South Carolina, the publication's website is the go-to source. These typically include contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and forms where they accept press releases. Also, consider social media platforms, but keep in mind that formal inquiries like collaborations and story ideas are usually handled through emails.

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