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New York City has many newspapers for its diverse community. Its metropolis and boroughs are home to some of the largest newspapers in the United States. From well-established newspapers with long histories to digital formats, these papers reflect the city's vast culture. In this list, we’ll explore some of the biggest newspapers in New York that highlight its diversity.

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15 New York newspapers

1. The New York Times

The New York Times is hallmarked for its quality reporting and editorial content. It has coverage on national and international news with some of the top contributors working in its art and culture section. Since its establishment in 1851, the paper has been awarded numerous Pulitzer Prizes across categories like journalism, photography, and commentary with its journalists being some of the country's most renowned commentators, writers, and reporters who report from all corners of the world.

The New York Times, one of the best New York newspapers

2. New York Amsterdam News

Forged as New York's oldest Black newspaper, the New York Amsterdam News was launched in 1909. The paper's investigative unit, ‘Blacklight’, was specially created to expose corruption impacting people of color. The publication holds a significant place in African-American media, being an important source of advocacy and cultural celebration in its coverage of culture, arts, and social justice issues. The paper has continued its legacy of focusing on its Black community and maintained its relevance in the stories of African-American life in New York.

New York Amsterdam News, one of the best New York newspapers

3. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal was founded in 1889. In addition to its extensive business focus, the paper also publishes current events, technology news, opinion pieces, and lifestyle content. The paper provides an analysis of the global financial markets from some of the most well-known analysts who cover corporate news and economic trends and have been involved in major investigations like the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s and the Snowden Leaks in 2013.

The Wall Street Journal, one of the best New York newspapers

4. Bronx Times

Bronx Times was established in 1981 and looks at the different facets of Bronx life and is a part of three editions that cover its different regions. The paper covers neighborhood news, community events, human interest stories, and cultural activities. It has kept its residents connected and created unity among its population with a focus on local reporting and community affairs.

5. New York Daily News

The New York Daily News was launched in 1919. The paper is characterized by an emphasis on attention-grabbing headlines and was one of the first newspapers to embrace the tabloid format in its foundational years. Due to its sensational nature, the paper reports on local and national news, politics, crime, entertainment, and human interest stories.

New York Daily News, one of the best New York newspapers

6. The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News covers the Western New York region, reporting on local, national, and international news in its print paper and online website. As one of the biggest newsrooms in Western New York, the paper has won many journalism awards, most notably, winning four Pulitzer Prizes for Editorial Cartooning throughout the years. The paper was founded in 1880.

7. The Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle was started as a two-person business and today has over 400,000 readers. The paper was a part of nine other newspaper editions that were launched in 1978 and today, publishes news surrounding Queens including community events, global news, municipal affairs, human interest stories, sports events, and culture within the area. The paper often highlights its community's people by focusing on the stories and achievements of its residents.

8. The New York Observer

The New York Observer’s reporting centers on a broader coverage of New York City's political, cultural, and business scenes, covering politics, media, and lifestyle. Additionally, the paper has a wider coverage of entertainment, featuring film and television news, round-ups of film festivals, food and dining reviews, and insider guides to luxury travel, beauty, and fashion.

The New York Observer, one of the best New York newspapers

9. The Cornell Daily Sun

The Daily Sun was launched back in 1880, it is one of the oldest running independent student newspapers in the US. The paper is a space for student journalists to report on issues relevant to the University and New York, covering campus news, student life, academic developments, sports, and local events. In addition to its academic and student focus, the paper covers arts and culture and extends its reporting to multimedia platforms through its podcast ‘Suncast’, videos, and a 4/20 satire section.

The Cornell Daily Sun, one of the best New York newspapers

10. Newsday

Newsday publishes breaking news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle content around Long Island. Beyond this, the paper has a wide focus on promoting the events and activities around New York with restaurant reviews, travel news, recipes, and activities. In addition to its print edition, Newsday has an online website with a circulation of around 250,000 daily readers with sections on obituary, jobs, and classifieds.

11. AM New York Metro

AM New York Metro or amNY is a free daily newspaper that was launched in 2003. It is popular among commuting New Yorkers because the paper is freely distributed around the city and in public transport. The paper mostly reports on breaking news, politics, sports news, and entertainment news with some focus on arts and culture. Because of its free distribution model, amNY is one of the most widely available newspapers throughout the city.

12. The Jewish Week

The Jewish Week was founded in 1970 for the Jewish community in New York. In addition to national and local current event news, the paper focuses on community affairs including local and international Jewish news, cultural events, religious practices, and community initiatives. The paper's articles usually get into matters of faith, identity, and social issues surrounding the diverse Jewish community.

13. New York Post

Despite the various ownerships and editorial directions, the New York Post has maintained its position as an influential publication in the New York landscape. Due to its tabloid nature, the paper reports on breaking news and politics, sports, gossip, and entertainment content. Because of its tabloid nature, the paper has increasingly become associated with sensationalism and eye-catching front-page headlines. It was founded in 1801.

New York Post, one of the best New York newspapers

14. El Diario NY

El Diario NY is a Spanish-language newspaper for the Hispanic community of New York. The paper aims to connect the Hispanic community with their roots while accommodating them in their New York community. The paper provides US-centric news through the lens of Hispanic locals, reporting on issues like local and national news, sports, immigration issues, elections, climate news, and entertainment news. The paper was founded in 1913.

15. The Columbia Spectator

The Columbia Daily Spectator is a historic publication established in 1877. The paper is an independent student newspaper of Columbia University in New York City and mostly covers academic developments, arts and culture, sports, and local events. As a student-run newspaper, it provides a platform for Columbia University students to get into journalism and offers news and features that reflect students' perspectives.

Culminating perspectives and global influence

New York City holds newspapers that reflect the city's diverse culture and global influence. This list exemplifies the role these newspapers play in informing and influencing communities with local, national, and global affairs, as well as community and culture focused news. They embody the spirit of New York, reflecting the city's stories through journalism.


The New York Times is the largest newspaper in New York. Its printed copy is distributed to more than 500,000 readers with an even larger readership of over 9 million online subscribers. The paper has been owned by The New York Times Company since 1896. The paper is also popular because it caters its content to various multimedia platforms which targets a large global audience.

The publication expanded its reach by launching its free online website in 1996 and later adding a paywall in 2011 due to falling revenue. Today, the paper's revenue source mostly relies on subscriptions and advertising in its printed and digital issues, through its multimedia content, and sales products like apparel, games, art, and cookware.

Founded in 1725, the New York Gazette is the oldest newspaper in New York. Its founder, William Bradford started his printing business in 1693, supported by the provincial government. The paper consisted of shipping news on lists of ships that entered and exited and month-old dispatches. The paper ceased its publication in 1744 after Bradford retired but was continued by Hendry De Forest as New York Evening Post until around 1752.

Newspaper publications in New York are mostly owned by large corporations and wealthy businesspeople. Some of the biggest newspaper companies in New York include The New York Times Company, Advance Publications, Tribune Publishing Company, and Gannett Company who own newspapers from all around the country. While newspaper ownership structures vary by country, the legal framework in New York falls under the cross-ownership rule which limits a single company from owning both a publication and a broadcasting station.

Newspapers in New York come from a combination of ownerships, including large media companies like News Corporation or Gannett, individual owners, independent or nonprofit publishers, and publicly traded companies that can buy and sell shares on the stock market. The biggest newspaper publication based in New York, The New York Times Company, has been majority-owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family since the 1950s. They own around 95% of the shares and have a majority influence on the publication because they choose over 70% of the company's board.

Most major newspapers in New York are owned by large corporations. The state has 10 of the largest newspapers in the United States, including The New York Times Company, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the Daily News. However, due to the state's diverse citizens, New York also has some of the largest ethnic and language-specific newspapers, some of which are independently owned. These include El Diario La Prensa, The Jewish Daily Forward, and The Epoch Times.

Some of the more popular independent newspapers in New York include The Villager, Our Town, The Queens Chronicle, and The Brooklyn Paper. Most of these have been independently owned since its establishment.

With some of the most popular newspapers in the country, New York is also home to award-winning journalists, reporters, and editors. There is no shortage of professionals who are looking for their next headlines. Their contact information can usually be found on their publication's website or through social media platforms. You can also target relevant publications directly on their website which always includes email addresses, phone numbers, and contact forms.

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