Indiana Newspapers

Indiana has around 6.8 million people and many newspapers to inform this population. These range from smaller, community-focused papers to larger daily newspapers. Known for its agricultural heritage and industrial advancements, Indiana sees its newspapers as significant communicators of local events, politics, and community life. In this overview, we'll explore some of the biggest newspapers in Indiana, exploring how they inform people and connect the state.

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Indiana newspapers

1. Bedford Times-Mail

The Bedford Times-Mail, also known to its readers as Times-Mail, is a daily newspaper founded in 1825. Being a town paper, its focus is on local news including high school sports, events, crime, regional politics, and entertainment. Additionally, the paper has a large section dedicated to sports, reporting on high school sports, MMA, Golf, and basketball. Alongside its print edition, the paper also publishes an e-edition of its paper on its website and app.

2. The Fountain County Neighbor

The Fountain County Neighbor or The Neighbor was established in 1851. The weekly paper is rooted in its community, frequently featuring education and school news, achievements, sports news, and promoting local activities. Besides this, the printed newspaper and its online website feature regular business, real estate, and breaking news.

3. The Indianapolis Star

The Indianapolis Star or IndyStaris one of the most popular daily newspapers in Indiana. The paper has a large circulation around the state with 35,000 on weekdays and over 50,000 on its Sunday issues. Due to its size and popularity, the paper has a closer focus on national as well as life around Indianapolis such as local breaking news, high school sports, activities, and opinion pieces. The paper is known also for its investigative journalism, winning multiple Pulitzer Prizes in categories like national reporting and investigative journalism.

4. Tribune-Star

Tribune-Star is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1894 for Wabash Valley in Indiana and Illinois, created after various mergers within the area. It reports on local news, education, culture, entertainment, and regional employment for the city. Tribune-Star is community-focused, and known for celebrating and promoting its city with event announcements and activity recommendations.

5. The South Bend Tribune

The South Bend Tribune was established in 1872. The daily newspaper centers around its community, being a family-owned newspaper for five generations until 2019 when it was sold to GateHouse Media. The paper mainly covers the regions of North Central Indiana and the Southern cities of Michigan, publishing everything from breaking news to opinion, entertainment, and crosswords. Indiana, being home to the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, the paper also provides a comprehensive coverage of its popular sports teams, including hockey, football, and basketball.

6. The Paper of Montgomery County

Founded in 2004, The Paper of Montgomery County is a daily newspaper with a strong goal to promote the businesses and events of Montgomery County. It encourages its community by showcasing the faces of Montgomery on its online website with dedicated sections for its community, including monthly Montgomery Memories, health tips, a ‘happenings’ section, and sports reports in addition to local and breaking news.

7. The Journal Gazette

The Journal Gazette is a daily newspaper based in Fort Wayne. It was first issued in 1863 as The Fort Wayne Gazette as a way to increase support for Abraham Lincoln’s goal to preserve the Union and issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Today, the paper regularly publishes news in its printed paper and online website including the latest local state government news, crime, education, health, sports, living, and more.

8. Indianapolis Business Journal

Indianapolis Business Journal, also known as IBJ, is a weekly newspaper established in 1980. The paper covers all things business in Indiana and beyond, covering topics like banking and finance, small businesses, education, energy and environment, and more. The paper is distributed to various counties in the state. IBJ also has a digital presence with multimedia content, such as digital editions of its newspaper, a mobile app, and a podcast.

9. The Times of Northwest Indiana

The Times of Northwest Indiana was first published in 1906 as The Lake Country Times and is the second biggest newspaper in Indiana. The Time prints three different editions of its paper for the Munster, Crown Point, and Valparaiso regions of Indiana. Due to its bigger network, the paper is distributed to more than 37,000 households every day, going up to 46,000 in its Sunday edition as of 2022. Alongside the latest news and politics, the paper also has a large life and entertainment section with content about theater, food, television, parenting, and travel, with its online website publishing even more content on opinion, arts, and sports.

10. The Herald Bulletin

The Herald Bulletin is a daily newspaper that was established in 1868. It reports on local and global news, business, education, and community news across the state. In addition to this, it has a comprehensive coverage of sports including high school and college sports and auto-racing news for Indycar and NASCAR fans.

11. Corydon Democrat

Corydon Democrat is a weekly newspaper based in Harrison County. First published in 1856, the paper has won numerous awards since for its excellent journalism and reporting. Most significantly, the paper has been the winner of the Blue Ribbon Award in the non-daily division sixteen times for its editing. The paper publishes the latest national and local news, sports, community announcements, and education news.

12. The Review Republican

The Review Republican is a weekly newspaper in the counties of Warren, Fountain, and Benton in Indiana. The paper was first issued in 1854 as a merger between The Warren Review and Warren Republican. While the paper doesn’t have a website covering breaking news, it includes e-editions of its printed newspapers and newsletters.

13. The Star Press

The Star Press is a daily newspaper owned by Gannett, the biggest American media holding company. Founded in 1903, the paper’s content focuses on news and activities around Muncie City and its surrounding areas. The paper publishes local news, business, politics, and entertainment content. Its online website also features daily breaking news and sports coverage.

14. The Kokomo Tribune

Named after Kokomo City, The Kokomo Tribune is a daily newspaper providing its residents with the latest local news, lifestyle, and national news. The paper was established in 1850 but has celebrated the digital shift. It is known for being one of the most influential papers when it comes to online content and digital media. The paper was awarded the Best Online Initiative award in 2006 for its multimedia originality.

15. Journal & Courier

Journal & Courier is a daily newspaper founded in 1920. The paper covers Lafayette, Indiana, and was created as a merger between the Journal and Free Press and the Courier. The paper covers local news, Indiana politics, crime, sports, and entertainment. As of 2010, Journal & Courier had a daily circulation of 27,000 and a Sunday circulation of over 39,000.

Local and national narratives

Newspapers are instrumental communicators, significant in telling narratives of local events, political dynamics, and community life. Newspapers in Indiana span from community-focused publications to expansive regional news. This overview provides insight into the significant contribution of Indiana's newspapers in navigating local and national issues.


The Indianapolis Star is the largest and most recognized newspaper in Indiana with a circulation of around 35,000 daily. The publication posts daily news on its printed edition and online website, including local and national news, and entertainment and editorial content. The paper was acquired by Gannett in 2000.

With the popularity of digital information, the publication moved most of its breaking news and sports news to its website,, and has a large multimedia section with apps, podcasts, videos, and broadcast reports.

The Vincennes Sun-Commercial is the oldest newspaper in Indiana. The paper was established in 1804 by Elihu Stout and started as the Indiana Gazette. The paper gets its current name from the city of Vincennes where the first printing press in the city was located. After various ownership changes, the paper merged with Vincennes Commercial to create its current structure.

The Vincennes Sun-Commercial was owned by the Gannett Company which sold it to Paxton Media Group in 2000. The newspaper still published breaking news and editorial content on its website and print edition.

International newspapers vary greatly when it comes to ownership structure. Following the United States regulation for media ownership, Indiana falls under the regulation on cross-media ownership that limits large companies from owning multiple media in the same market.

Gannett has a large presence in Indiana being the largest newspaper publisher in the United States. After Gannett was acquired by GateHouse Media in 2019, which already owned various newspapers throughout the country, GateHouse had to let go of some of its newspaper holdings in the market to comply with the cross-media ownership regulation.

The ownership structure of newspapers in Indiana is similar to many states in the United States, with larger conglomerates owning multiple newspapers across the country. This allows them to be more economical in terms of sharing resources. Large media companies in Indiana include CNHI, Gannett, and GateHouse Media.

Indiana also has independent and locally owned newspaper publications. The Paper of Montgomery County is owned by multiple local businesses in the state. Other independent owners and local publications in Indiana include The Journal Gazette Co., E. W. Scripps Company, and Kiel Media.

Despite maintaining a few independent ownerships, the majority of the newspapers in Indiana are owned by large corporations. The largest newspaper in the state, The Indianapolis Star was acquired by Gannett in 2000 leaving the city with only one locally owned newspaper, the Indianapolis Recorder.

Gannett owns several other newspapers in Indiana, including Evansville Courier & Press, Lafayette Journal & Courier, and the Muncie Star Press. Other large media companies include Lee Enterprises and CNHI.

The best way to reach out to the newspapers in Indiana is through the publication's website and social media. These pages generally include email addresses of relevant departments, phone numbers, and contact forums for press releases. Other than this, publications will be active on social media, particularly Twitter and LinkedIn that can be useful to directly find reporters and editors.

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