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In Idaho, newspapers go a long way to share stories of hardworking locals. In the cities and valleys, the biggest newspapers in Idaho like the Idaho State Journal and the Bonner County Daily Bee capture Idaho life, alongside the latest breaking news. In this list of the major newspapers in Idaho, we’ll get into the essence of these establishments and explore the traditional and digital milestones of their histories.

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12 Idaho newspapers

1. The Idaho Press

The Idaho Press was first founded as Caldwell Tribune in 1883. It is published daily in Nampa and the Treasure Valley region in southwestern Idaho making it the second largest newspaper published daily. It features sections on sports, opinion pieces, and community events. The paper is read weekly by more than 100,000 people in its printed newspaper and online website.

Idaho Press, one of the best Idaho newspapers

2. Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly was established in 1992 by Andy and Debi Hedden-Nicely and later acquired by Adams Publishing Group's Western Division, making it a part of The Idaho Press. The paper is known for its independent voice, covering everything from local and national news to handpicked local events, dining recommendations, and artist spotlights. The paper also brings the community together through its annual fiction contest and coverage of music and film festivals happening around the state.

Boise Weekly, one of the best Idaho newspapers

3. Idaho State Journal

Established in 1890, the Idaho State Journal is a weekly newspaper that covers news surrounding the city of Pocatello. After many changes to the paper due to World War II, the paper started printing regularly in 1949 after it merged with the Pocatello Post. The community-based newspaper features breaking news, sports news, crime, and occasional lifestyle and entertainment content. Over 17,000 copies of the newspaper are distributed every day.

4. The Coeur d'Alene Press

Owned by Hagadone Media Group, Coeur d'Alene Press is a daily newspaper established in 1892. The newspaper is based in the city of Coeur d’Alene. The paper features the latest news, community events, politics, and human interest stories around the city. It has a circulation of approximately 17,000 and has had an important role in recording the development of the Coeur d'Alene region being the only major newspaper in the city.

Coeur d'Alene Press, one of the best Idaho newspapers

5. Rexburg Standard Journal

The Rexburg Standard Journal was founded in 1887 and is published twice weekly. It publishes news from the Upper Valley, including Madison and Fremont counties, and provides local and national news within its region. The paper has undergone many name changes since its creation, being known as Rexburg Press during its establishment. The Standard Journal’s coverage of the Teton Dam collapse in 1976 made it a nationally recognized paper. Despite printing equipment being destroyed, the Standard Journal published an edition of the paper just three days later, utilizing the printing facilities at Ricks College.

6. Sandpoint Reader

As a fairly new publication founded in 2004, the Sandpoint Reader is a freely distributed weekly every Thursday. The paper has a reputation for reporting on local news like elections, protests, and community focused events. It has been recognized for its independent journalism, exemplified in the investigation that identified neo-Nazi activist Scott Rhodes in 2017. The Sandpoint Report exposed Rhodes for distributing racist and anti-Semitic literature and making robocalls targeting national events and political races. Other than this, the paper is also a resource for the bustling arts and entertainment scene in Idaho.

7. Times-News

Founded in 1904, the Times-News is based in the Twin Falls community of Idaho. It reports on local and regional news, politics, agriculture, and community events. The Times-News has been recognized for its reporting on issues affecting the region with a focus on wildfires. Populated regions in Idaho face a high wildfire risk, and the Times-News has a dedicated section on its website for the latest news regarding when and where these fires start and their impact.

8. Teton Valley News

The Teton Valley News publishes the latest news ranging from community events, local government, high-school sports, outdoor activities, and human-interest stories based in Driggs but its coverage focuses on all the cities around the Teton Valley, including Alta, Wyoming. The weekly paper has print and online editions with a special focus on its community and the local government.

Teton Valley News, one of the best Idaho newspapers

9. Post Register

The Post Register was established in 1925. It is a popular daily paper in the Eastern Idaho region covering areas in Wyoming and Montana. The paper features local and regional news, business, sports, and community events, including arts and music, high school sports, and national politics. More than 10,000 copies of the paper are distributed every day alongside its digital editions on its website.

10. Bonner County Daily Bee

Bonner County Daily Bee, founded in 1965 for the Sandpoint and Bonner County covers local news, community events, sports, and human story features. The paper has been significant in reflecting the challenges of Sandpoint, such as the environmental and land-use issues that are persistent in the area.

11. Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Moscow-Pullman Daily News was established in 1911. The paper covers local news, community events, sports, and features, documenting the dynamic and shared culture of the adjacent cities of Moscow and Pullman. With the city's vast interests, the paper also publishes special issues such as “Driven”, “Golf Guide,” “Palouse Living”, and “Choose Local” that promote community owned businesses and activities.

Moscow-Pullman Daily News, one of the best Idaho newspapers

12. Lewiston Morning Tribune

Committed to promoting local journalism, The Lewiston Morning Tribune focuses on community coverage and relevant content. The paper has a particular focus on breaking news and sports reporting with a daily readership of 24,000. Established in 1892, the paper serves eight different counties around the state. In addition to its printed copies, it publishes daily weather reports, obituaries, editorials, and columns on its online website.

Resilient voices

These newspapers have played an important role in shaping public opinion among Idahoans. In the face of evolving media dynamics, they are committed to promoting community bonds and human-interest stories, as well as local and national news. Their influence resonates beyond the printed page, reaffirming the role of local journalism across the country.


The Idaho Statesman is the largest newspaper headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The paper has a daily circulation of approximately 28,000. The paper was established in 1864 and today, covers everything from breaking news, to political news, and environmental issues. Embracing the digital transformation, the Statesman’s daily printed publication is accompanied by multimedia platforms like its online website, news apps, active social media presence, videos, and podcasts.

While the oldest newspaper in Idaho is considered to be Boise News, the paper only ran for less than two years, from 1863 to 1864. The paper was founded by the Butler brothers, John and Thomas who sold the paper for its printing press to Isaac H. Bowman and Henry Clay Street. They used the Boise News printing equipment to publish the Idaho World newspaper.

Other than Boise News, the Idaho Statesman gets the title of the oldest newspaper in Idaho that is still in operation today. The paper was founded in 1864 and has run for more than 150 years, covering state news, politics, and entertainment.

The ownership structure of Idaho newspapers follows the same structure as other regions in the United States. Many publications are owned by larger companies or chains, or are privately owned by families. Government influence also varies significantly internationally, whether this means governments owning newspaper publications or regulatory laws.

The United States First Amendment protects freedom of the press which means that the government has very little control over interference with newspaper ownership. However, in terms of regulation, newspapers in Idaho are limited to cross-ownership in terms of newspapers and broadcast stations in the same market to prevent monopolies.

Ownership of local newspapers in Idaho spans from being locally owned by families within the community, to chain ownership, independent publishers, and joint ventures. This includes Adams Publishing Group which has been under the ownership of the Adams family, and McClatchy Company, The Post Company, and Lee Enterprises which are all large conglomerates and joint ventures.

Most of the top newspapers in Idaho are owned by large corporations. The largest newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, is owned by the McClatchy Company. Previously, it was owned by Gannett, also a large conglomerate, who sold the paper to Knight-Ridder Corporation in 2005 before the McClatchy Company bought Knight-Ridder a year later.

Besides McClatchy, many of the newspapers in Idaho are owned by the same company. Adams Publishing Group has a monopoly over several newspapers, including The Idaho Press, News-Examiner, and Teton Valley News. Smaller independently owned newspapers do remain, the most popular one being the Lewiston Morning Tribune which has been under the ownership of the Alford family for generations.

Depending on the relevance, the best way to reach out is through the publication's contact page. This typically includes emails, phone numbers, letters to the Editor, and online forms that can be helpful when you want to submit new tips, press releases, and story ideas to relevant departments. Beyond this, it might also be useful to contact publications on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

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