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This article explores the varied roles of Colorado's newspapers that reflect historical importance, current challenges, and impact on shaping public discourse and community bonds. Newspapers contribute to the cohesive nature of Colorado's diverse communities, with major newspapers like The Denver Post and The Aspen Times amplifying local voices and significant national news.

In this list, we’ll explore some of the biggest newspapers in Colorado that have bonded its communities through celebrations and challenges.

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15 Colorado newspapers

1. The Colorado Sun

The Colorado Sun is a daily news outlet recently launched in 2018. The online paper covers news around Denver such as crime, housing, politics, and environment. It also has a focus on the outdoors and investigations of environmental issues. The digital paper was initially funded through a Kickstarter campaign and blockchain venture capitalists, and today operates through sponsorships, subscriptions, and grant revenue.

2. The Denver Post

The Denver Post has a large readership in both its printed newspaper and online website, with an average circulation of 57,000 daily and around six million visitors. It is one of Colorado's most popular newspapers. Founded in 1892, the paper publishes news around Colorado, focusing on politics, world news, and breaking news. The Post is known for its investigative work and has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes, including editorial cartooning, public service, photography, and breaking news reporting.

The Denver Post, one of the best Colorado newspapers

3. Fort Collins Coloradoan

Fort Collins Coloradoan is a daily newspaper for Fort Collins, Colorado. It was first published in 1873 as Larimer County Express. Today, the print newspaper and its e-edition covers local news, business, sports, entertainment, and more. The paper is also known for its community involvement in its city and hosts events such as food truck festivals, Community Dinner, and Cirque Du Soleil.

Fort Collins Coloradoan, one of the best Colorado newspapers

4. The Gazette

The Gazette is a local newspaper in Colorado Springs that was established in 1946. It covers breaking news, education, business, sports, and entertainment. Most recently, the daily newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize in 2014 for national reporting on combat veterans and their treatment. The story led to congressional action in the country.

The Gazette, one of the best Colorado newspapers

5. The Pueblo Chieftain

Founded by Dr. Michael Beshoar in 1868, The Pueblo Chieftain was a daily newspaper. While the paper stopped its printed publication in 2023, it still maintains its digital website, publishing local and national news, sports, entertainment, and opinion pieces. The paper also has two other subsidiary versions called The Pueblo West View and Pueblo Star Journal.

The Pueblo Chieftain, one of the best Colorado newspapers

6. Daily Camera

Daily Camera was founded in 1890. Alongside its printed version, the paper also has an online website dedicated to covering top stories covering news from the Boulder area. This includes crime, education, environment, sports, things to do, and local news around its surrounding area.

Daily Camera, one of the best Colorado newspapers

7. The Aspen Times

The Aspen Times is a daily newspaper in the ski town of Aspen. Founded in 1881 for the silver mining town, the newspaper was created to bring national news to miners in Aspen. Today, it publishes local news, crime, education, and sports, with an emphasis on the outdoors around the Snowmass region of Aspen.

8. Gorizont

Gorizont is a Russian-language newspaper. From the start of its first issue in 1995, the paper was geared towards the Russian-speaking population of Denver and aimed to establish a bridge for the Russian speakers who couldn't speak English and relied upon Gorizont for American news. Its articles acquainted readers with the American lifestyle while maintaining a connection to Russian culture.

The paper covers stories of local Russian’s lives in Colorado, businesses, achievements, and news from the United States, Russia, Israel, and Eastern Europe. The publication also includes recreational content like "What to Do in Denver," and "Colorado News with a Smile."

9. Arvada Press

Arvada Press is a weekly newspaper that replaced the former Arvada Sentinel Newspaper in 2005. The paper reports on local and national news, high school sports, business, people, and entertainment. It is also known for having comprehensive articles on things to do around the city with dining, music, fitness, and art recommendations.

10. Colorado Springs Indy

Colorado Springs Indy was founded in 1993. In addition to local news, the paper's coverage includes culture and arts around the Pikes Peak region with articles exploring music, food, and the outdoors. In 2011, the paper initiated the Indy Music Awards to spotlight local musicians and promote Colorado Springs' presence in the music scene.

11. South Platte Sentinel

The South Platte Sentinel was founded in 1988. Although the paper is free, the paper relies on both advertisers and its reputation in the community with local donors for revenue. The paper reports on local news, crime, politics, education, and entertainment around the county. In addition, the paper is also a large part of the community and helps promote events and announcements.

12. Greeley Tribune

Founded by Nathan C. Meeker, an agriculture writer at the New York Tribune, The Greeley Tribune is a daily paper for Weld County, one of the largest agricultural-producing counties in the United States. The paper publishes local and national news, business, and entertainment. It also has an online presence with e-editions of its daily newspaper, newsletters, and a mobile app.

13. Westword

Westword was founded in 1977. The print and digital publication reports on local news, arts, and music. Westword also emphasizes the best that Denver has to offer and releases its ‘Best of Denver' awards every year for the best restaurants, bars, shops, and other businesses. Most notably, the paper is known as the first newspaper worldwide to have a section for medical marijuana critics in its column called ‘Ask a Stoner.’ Its print edition is published weekly and has over 67,000 daily readers.

14. Vail Daily

Founded in 1981, the Vail Daily is a free newspaper distributed around Eagle County. The paper publishes daily local news, crime, entertainment, sports, and community celebrations and has a circulation of around 15,000. Vail Daily also has a popular digital website that publishes daily free articles, mainly focusing on breaking news.

15. Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel is the largest daily newspaper in western Colorado. Alongside local news, entertainment, and lifestyle topics, the paper is known for its high quality and speedy breaking news coverage. This has earned it various awards and recognition, including the General Excellence Award from the CPA across multiple years.

Local voices and national narratives

Colorado's newspapers have historical significance and contemporary influence. From the iconic pages of The Denver Post to the community resonance in Westword, these publications connect the diverse landscape of Colorado by celebrating local voices and navigating national narratives. The call to action is clear: engage with these publications, support local journalism, and contribute to the ongoing narrative that connects us.


The Denver Post is the largest newspaper in Colorado with 57,000 average print circulation as of 2022. The paper's online website receives around six million readers a month. It receives its main revenue through advertising for real estate, department stores, and automobile manufacturers. The newspaper offers its print and digital format, including access to news alerts, digital replica editions, and access to its other news publications.

Colorado’s oldest newspaper was Rocky Mountain News which was published in Denver from 1859 to 2009. The paper was founded by William Byers before being passed down to various other owners. At its height in 2009, the paper had a circulation of more than 200,000. During its 150-year run, the newspaper won various awards including Pulitzer Prizes for its photography and writing.

Like many parts of the United States, newspapers in Colorado consist of various ownership structures including large corporations and local or regional companies. Colorado newspapers span mostly from media companies, investment groups, and a few digital-only outlets.

International newspapers vary in ownership structure, a few countries where government-owned publications are common. In the United States, due to the principles of freedom of the press, media publications are typically not owned by the government. This structure allows information independence and diversity of viewpoints, however, with the acquisition of many local newspapers and larger conglomerates, this diversity has been reduced significantly.

There are a handful of ways the ownership of newspapers in Colorado is distributed. Very few local owners remain, with the majority of newspapers being owned and operated by larger media companies. The Denver Post is the main daily newspaper in Colorado and is owned by Digital First Media which is under MediaNews Group.

In the United States, typically larger companies own many local news outlets in various regions across the country. They focus on a shared structure and run on a subscriber and ad revenue basis which helps keep many of its local papers afloat.

With the increase in technology and consumer habits, publications have found it harder to sustain their print editions and enough revenue to survive, leading to most of the newspapers being under the ownership of larger companies. The largest publication in Colorado includes Digital First Media, The Anschutz Corporation, and Gannett who own newspapers and various other media companies throughout the country.

The best way to get attention from newspapers in Colorado is through its online website which features tip lines and contract forms. In addition to this, media contacts of editors and reporters can be found on social media, mainly Twitter and LinkedIn where they accept collaborations and pitches.

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