Best 50 public relations blogs to follow in 2024

You might think that blogging has become old-fashioned in today’s information age, but writers are getting super specific with their topics, making blogs more exciting than ever. This is why reading public relations blogs is one of the easiest ways of understanding the latest trends in PR, engaging yourself, and expanding your skills within the industry. In this article, we’ll get into the 50 best PR blogs that are coming up in 2024. These offer general and technical insights into this dynamic field.

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Every PR enthusiast needs at least a couple of engaging ways to stay updated about PR outside of their usual work dealings. PR experts are great at grabbing attention, not just with press releases and pitches but also through blogs. We also remember things best when we read. That’s why PR blogs are usually short-reads and get straight to the point.

What's even better is that if you're a fan of a PR expert, they likely have a blog you can follow.

Implementing ideas and taking inspiration from blogs will give you a deeper grip that isn’t always available on other platforms.

Whether it's a brand new media monitoring tool or another PR crisis moment, consider these PR blogs if you’re looking for new ways to dive deeper into the current PR swing.

50 best PR blogs

1. PRLab

The PRLab blog is an excellent resource if you are a beginner wanting mastery in the PR field or if you want to refresh your memory. The blog was launched in March 2020 as a part of the global PRLab firm. The inclusive information on the blogs reflects the expertise of PR professionals who are integrated into the industry. From essential principles to in-depth strategies, the blog provides practical knowledge about PR.

The blog is updated frequently and has an extensive list of helpful articles. PRLab offers the technical and comprehensive how-to’s of PR with essentials like ‘The 10 Golden Principles of Public Relations’ to trending topics such as ‘The 60 best media monitoring tools for news and social media.’ This combination will make you want to keep reading each eye-catching title.

In terms of content, the blog has a simple yet engaging writing style and an easy-to-follow format. Each blog includes content links on the left-hand side to help you navigate the articles by letting you jump to specific subtitles. The blogs also use diagrams and visuals for better interpretation, especially if it's explaining technicalities. PRLab provides both longer, in-depth content and shorter articles exploring various PR topics. If you already have a certain topic in mind, PRLab has probably already covered it. If not, exploring its list is worthwhile.

Highlighted Blogs

Screenshot of PRLab blog, one of the best PR blogs

2. PR Daily

PR Daily is aimed at media professionals offering news, advice, and opinions. The blog frequents specific PR topics but includes media relations and current relations-related topics. It has a vast network of PR news with sections for social media, media relations, crisis, marketing, and more.

PR Daily writers explain the day's important news. Its daily scoops are especially helpful if you want to get into the current happenings of the PR world. The blog also provides useful tips to help you do your job better with their series of ‘6 Questions’, where experts share their thought leadership advice and the golden exposé on their most used tools and their biggest communication challenges.

Another exceptional feature of PR Daily is its writing and editing section. PR professionals need to know the ins and outs of writing compelling pieces, and this blog provides practical tips on how to be inclusive in your writing and think about storytelling while doing it.

Highlighted Blogs

3. Sword And The Script

Frank Strong created Sword And The Script as a B2B platform primarily centered around technology and PR. Instead of offering short, quick articles, this blog goes into PR, marketing, and social media topics that are specific and in-depth. Many PR blogs shy away from in-depth explorations but Sword And The Script takes a direct approach. Its blog posts feature compelling titles that answer intricate questions about the 'whys' of PR.

By reading just one blog, you can gain expertise in PR because of its thorough content. Even with its rich information, it is simple to follow using bullet points, diagrams, and bolded sentences. To keep readers informed, Sword And The Script also has a convenient newsletter subscription to ensure you never miss out on new content. The blog is not only generous but also thought-provoking, potentially overwhelming readers with its depth and insight.

Highlighted Blogs

Screenshot of Sword And The Script blog, one of the best PR blogs

4. PR Couture

If you’re looking for PR strategies and insider tips, this blog gets into what goes into starting PR for your brand. Founded by Crosby Noricks, PR Couture has contributed to the success of numerous careers, and their expertise is evident in the blogs. PR Couture focuses on careers in fashion and lifestyle. However, the blogs are applicable to any other industry.

PR Couture gives strong advice on what strategy to use when, agency tips, beginner information, and industry roundups. A standout feature is the section dedicated to PR freelancers. The blog offers tips and resources if you’re starting as a self-employed PR pro.

The blog pitching and outreach section is also useful with articles about proven strategies and pitch ideas for social media content. It includes topics such as mistakes business owners make, the essentials of press kits, and ways to promote yourself as a PR freelancer.

Highlighted Blogs

5. Spin Sucks

One of the most popular PR blogs, Gini Dietrich started the Spin Sucks in 2006 in WordPress. More than a decade of expertise has evolved into a catalog for making PR better. Dietrich's approach is refreshingly pragmatic. She not only critiques harmful practices but also commends the ethical ones, setting a new standard for the industry.

As Dietrich writes “If You Need Help With Anything Related to Marketing, Communications, or Entrepreneurship, There's a Good Chance We've Written About It”. The blog has various categories ranging from communication, entrepreneurship, and marketing, to charming and engaging series such as Ask Me Anything, My Hot Mess, and Survive and Thrive, which adds a personal touch to the blog. Unlike conventional pieces on PR, Spin Sucks manages to captivate its audience with a combination of expertise and relatability.

Readers find themselves drawn into a world where complex PR concepts are dissected and explained in a way that is both informative and enjoyable. The blog's ability to blend insights with engaging narratives ensures that you will not only consume the content but also eagerly anticipate the next post. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the intricacies of the PR industry.

Highlighted Blogs

Screenshot of Spin Sucks blog, one of the best PR blogs

6. Solo PR Pro

Solo PR Pro is guided by the motto “Leave no solo behind.” This is why their blog is excellent if you’re looking for specific how-to’s and finding direction as a freelancer. Solo PR Pro was launched as a blog in 2008 and has since evolved into a professional membership community. They cater to individuals working in public relations, communications, and affiliated fields with decades of experience.

Solo PR Pro’s content extends beyond generic advice such as best practices and strategies. It addresses unconventional and personal subjects and explores the details of freelancing and work life. It stands out because it discusses tough topics with care and understanding, for example, tips on handling parental leave if you work alone and mental health struggles in the PR industry.

The blogs are made easy to understand, with clear headings and bullet points that cut to the chase. This simplicity doesn't compromise the depth of the content and instead enhances the accessibility of the information. Solo PR Pro is ideal if you're a freelancer seeking practical guidance or a seasoned professional interested in exploring the less-discussed facets of the industry.

Highlighted Blogs

7. Ogilvy

Ogilvy is a New York-based advertising and PR agency that has played a significant role in establishing globally recognized brands such as American Express, Sears, Ford, Shell, and Barbie. Its blog is purposeful and reflects this expertise with various information on PR, business, technology, and e-commerce. Ogilvy's blog is a go-to resource if you’re seeking a quick yet insightful overview of the current state of the public relations world.

While some of its reads are behind a paywall and only available to subscribers, readers can view a snippet of the blog, which is enough if you want a look into the topics being discussed. In addition to current news, Ogilvy acts as a handbook for learning about the technicalities of PR. Some of these include breaking down social media trends, learning how to increase marketing with behavioral science, and the role of AI in media relations. Its blend of current events, in-depth analysis, and educational content makes this blog a handy resource for anyone interested in staying above PR developments.

Highlighted Blogs

Screenshot of Ogilvy blog, one of the best PR blogs

8. PRNews

If you want a roundup of all the entertaining PR blogs, PRNews gives one of the best overviews. The blog offers a variety of topics, such as branding, Corporate Social Responsibility, crisis management, and technology, as well as career coaching and media training. There’s something for everyone. PRNews has a variety of topics and easy-to-understand guides, making it great for people new to public relations.

What makes this blog particularly beginner-friendly is its 'Explainer' series, designed specifically for those new to the field. It explains questions that may have been on your mind but that you might not know where to find answers for concerning PR. These explainers answer common questions that might be in your mind but are challenging to find answers. They cover essentials like grammar nuances, distinctions between CSR and purpose, and even introductions to PR tools. We recommend you go through the whole series to understand the ABCs of PR.

Highlighted Blogs

9. Garrett Public Relations Blog

The Garrett Public Relations Blog by ​​Michelle Garrett, gives an in-depth look at the most relevant PR topics. Michelle is an expert in public relations, writing, and speaking. She assists B2B businesses in crafting content, gaining media attention, and establishing themselves as industry leaders. This is why her insights and advice are particularly valuable if you’re already in the PR scene.

Michelle doesn't just provide theoretical knowledge, she’ll equip you with actionable tools and strategies. For professionals seeking hands-on solutions, this blog becomes a tool in itself.
Michelle also provides practical insights by sharing real-life instances of effective PR initiatives, along with lessons learned from overcoming challenges and setbacks.

The combination of her real-life stories and the workable resources she provides makes this blog an ideal platform for industry experts. If you need practical tips, actionable resources, or valuable insights from someone who understands the intricacies of the PR world, Michelle Garrett's blog will prove to be an asset.

Highlighted Blogs

10. PRWeek

PRWeek delivers the latest news, analysis, and opinions. If you're interested in local news, the blog has regional homepages for the US, UK, Asia, and Middle East. This blog is accessible on platforms like its website, emails, magazines, and social media like Twitter and Facebook. The blog is another resource for PR experts. It covers vast topics, but ones mostly related to current events in PR. Rather than a how-to guide, it centers around weekly corporate, public affairs, and healthcare news. While some blogs might teach you strategies and tricks, PRWeek keeps you updated on what’s happening in real time. You have to sign up to get access to the blogs, but after registering, you’re free to read a limited number of articles per month. If you want to stay updated on the latest in PR, this blog is your best choice. It provides new viewpoints and important news directly from the world of public relations. Highlighted Blogs

11. Digiday

In today’s digital era, PR is closely connected to a plethora of content. The Digiday blog covers the latest news and topics that aren't limited to Public Relations, such as the future of TV, marketing, media buying, and research papers. Unlike many blogs, Digiday takes a unique approach in its writing style by tracing the historical evolution of media and PR, emphasizing how these shaped the current landscape. This blog is ideal if you’re looking for diverse perspectives.

Digiday's blog has an interesting feature: an interactive series that looks at the modern era of commerce media, including e-commerce and media networks. In this series, each blog discusses real stories and how data and information play a big role in helping us understand how digital communication is changing.

Screenshot of Digiday blog, one of the best PR blogs

12. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s blog mainly focuses on social media with some media-related content. The blog has an archive of social media and PR strategies that are relevant and applicable. We recommend you start with Hootsuit’s stand-out feature, its ‘Experiments’ and ‘Hootsuite HQ’ series. These add an extra learning element that most PR and media blogs don’t offer.

Hootsuite’s experiments are mini research papers that offer evidence for common questions we all have as media relation experts. For example, they explore whether traditional SEO tactics apply to social media and if AI can craft better Twitter posts than humans. Instead of simply stating what works, Hootsuite's blog demonstrates these strategies in action. Hootsuite HQ series also shares personal stories behind Hootsuite employees and customers, such as thought leadership pieces and helpful tips.

13. Media Maven Blog

If you’ve ever heard of Media Maven Christina Nicholson or listened to her PR podcast, reading her blog is the ideal next step. Christina, once a TV reporter and now the owner of a PR agency, shares her path from being a newbie to an expert. She provides honest advice to her audience, speaking directly about her experiences.

Christina’s blog goes hand-in-hand with her podcast, where she goes into the fundamentals of DIY PR. She gives short snippets of her podcast, so you can benefit from her insights without listening to it. She discusses media exposure and offers essential resources for PR professionals. The blog covers the results, worries, and difficulties of being in the PR field and how to overcome them.

Screenshot of Media Maven Blog, one of the best PR blogs

14. PR Say

The PR Say blog is aimed at PR professionals, focusing on thought leadership, career advice, and PR training. The blog covers a vast amount of topics such as writing and storytelling, health and wellness, and even in-depth topics like diversity and ethics that you don’t see discussed in many blogs.

The blog also includes exclusive interviews with prominent PR figures as they frequently post recaps and takeaways from their podcast. The blog invites readers to talk to the authors, express their opinions, and join discussions by commenting. This interactive approach creates an educational space for learning and exchanging ideas.

15. PRovoke Media

If you love PR and enjoy diverse topics, the Provoke Media blog is ideal. Founded in 2000 by Paul Holmes under the name Holmes Report, its content covers the latest news and opinion pieces as well as annual agency research and global PR agency rankings.

While the longer articles require a paid subscription to access, the blog offers free access to industry news, podcast summaries, and interviews with PR experts from different industries, which are enough to give you an overview of what’s going on.

16. Culpwrit

Aimed at newcomers, Culprit’s blog is an essential handbook related to PR. The blogs are written by founder Ron Culpwrit, who has had a long career in news editing, journalism, and politics. Ron also teaches and serves as the professional director of the graduate PR and advertising program at DePaul University. He shares practical advice tailored to students. The blog covers a wide range of topics important for beginners, from acing job interviews to dressing appropriately in the workplace.

Readers can filter through series such as Advice from a Pro, Day in the Life, First Day on the Job, and Future Leaders. These sections offer a glimpse into the early stages of a PR career. Ron offers a real-life perspective to start your PR career and propels you on how to excel in the industry.

17. The Meltwater Blog

Meltwater is a one-stop shop for ultimate guides and lists for social media and PR. Its blog is aimed at social media managers and covers three main topics: PR and communications, social media management, and social media marketing. For example, Meltwater has an ultimate guide to social media holidays that creators and managers can use in their content.

Beyond guides, Meltwater also provides tools and resources to make your job easier. The blogs list and explain the benefits of popular resources like media monitoring tools, top influencers, and examples of user-generated content. Meltwater also occasionally breaks down social media news to keep you in the loop.

Screenshot of The Meltwater Blog, one of the best PR blogs

18. Bulldog Reporter

Bulldog Reporter, under Agility PR Solutions, provides news and best practices for PR and communications. The blog focuses on the most recent news as well as guides that are written by journalists and PR experts. New articles are published every day, with topics covering media relations, crisis communications, influencer marketing, and various other areas.

Bulldog Reporter also has a handy daily or weekly newsletter that includes updates on PR agency news, journalist movements, news about upcoming webinars, and PR resources. If you're interested in PR and staying informed about current events, this blog is an ideal platform for focused and relevant content.

19. Respona

If you want to learn about the characteristics that are needed for digital PR rather than focusing on current news and trends, Respona will give you just this. It's an outreach software with a helpful blog that discusses areas like link building, email outreach, content marketing, and influencer marketing, all in the context of PR.

You can filter the blog depending on what you want to focus on. Respona provides numerous practical resources with lists, templates, and cheat sheets that’ll give you a step-by-step guide on PR. Aimed at beginners, Respona's resources make learning PR easy with its nifty guides. It helps you understand the characteristics important to know in the digital era of public relations.

20. Cision

Cision is a social media monitoring software that also provides an extensive resource for PR professionals and social media managers. Cision’s blog ranges from communications 101 and crisis management to campaign analysis and investor relations. The blog is aimed at professionals and newbies alike, with guides and tip sheets for reports and case studies.

Cision media relations blogs and yearly media reports are also practical if you want to stay ahead and navigate what’s coming up in the future of PR. The blogs focus on emerging technologies, offering detailed guides on the newest AI tools and their implications for the media industry. Whether you need practical advice or want to learn about the future of communications from a tech perspective, Cision's blog has valuable content for all readers.

Screenshot of Cision blog, one of the best PR blogs

21. Prowly

Prowly is a PR and media relations software and its blog consists of the how-to’s of PR. The blog is targeted at beginners but can benefit those seeking a refresher on essential skills. Each guide provides an intensive overview of things like how to write targeted press releases, how to interact with journalists, and importantly, what not to do. This approach ensures that you not only learn the right techniques but also gain an understanding of the potential mistakes to steer clear of in your PR endeavors.

22. Adweek

Adweek is a provider of news and insights catering to the brand marketing ecosystem. Established in 1979, the blog's coverage resonates with a professional audience through channels such as print, digital platforms, events, podcasts, newsletters, social media, and more. Although its content doesn't exclusively focus on PR, Adweek is an ideal read for those interested in staying updated on various niche markets within the United States. Whether you're seeking insights on branding strategies, marketing trends, or industry developments, Adweek's comprehensive coverage ensures you are well-informed.

23. Peter Shankman’s Blog

Most notably known as one of the founders of HARO, Peter Shankman is also an expert at customer experience, social media, PR, and marketing. Knowing Peter's vast media relations background, his blog might not be what you expect. Rather than long-form how-to’s and complicated guides, Peter’s blogs are short and anecdotal. He gives all too true advice on media-related careers, how to navigate it, as well as life tips.

24. Jeneration PR

Jeneration PR’s blog is focused on PR, social media, and business within the industries of beauty, baby, and lifestyle brands. Written by the founder and president of Jeneration PR, Jen Berson talks about her experiences and offers tips for newcomers looking to start their career in PR. Unlike most blogs that give general and undirected advice, Jen talks about personal circumstances and writes with a touch of humor and relatability. Although the blog hasn't seen recent updates, the existing archives are an entertaining read and remain a valuable resource.

Screenshot of Jeneration PR blog, one of the best PR blogs

25. Maccabee Public Relations

Inspired by the bravery of the ancient Maccabees, Maccabee’s blog aims to expand the conversation around public relations. The blog focuses on digital marketing and helps create connections with customers. The blog has guides, news related to PR, and input from journalists and experts that are easy to follow and get straight to the point. This blog is ideal if you want insights from seasoned professionals and implement their strategies in your work.

26. Influence and Co.

Influence and Co. operates a marketing agency with a blog tailored for media professionals seeking insights into marketing strategies. The blog consists of easy-to-understand how-to’s and explains the details of content marketing. After a free subscription, the blog also includes a resource library with interactive quizzes, webinars, and downloadable content for a deeper understanding.

27. The PRCA Blog

The PRCA Blog shares the articles ideal if you’re working in PR and communications. These blog posts cover a wide range of topics, including analysis of significant global events, practical tips, and occasional personal accounts. The blog content is concise and to the point, making it perfect for those with busy schedules. It is a quick and insightful read if you’re short on time.

28. Edelman’s Insights

Edelman’s blog offers valuable information for leading brands in the field of communications. Their blog explores building a career in communications and provides behind-the-scenes views on managing a global agency. Covering various topics like finance, health, technology, and trends, this blog is essential for professionals wanting to stay informed on communication topics with a personal touch.

29. Institute for Public Relations (IPR)

The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) promotes the widespread application of research and research-derived knowledge in the fields of PR and corporate communication. Its blog covers PR-related topics that will help you understand how organizations and PR teams work. The blog also covers niche topics like small businesses owned by people with disabilities, online political arguments, and how culture affects communities within organizations. It shares useful information about current events, trends, and research, helping you stay updated and navigate your media career better.

Screenshot of Institute for Public Relations (IPR) blog, one of the best PR blogs

30. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s blog caters to small business owners and PR professionals. The blog covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, startups, business management, leadership, and more. The blog also shares real-life success stories and useful tips to help people deal with the difficulties of starting and expanding a business. This blog gives readers new ideas, industry updates, and business tricks, making it immensely helpful for anyone in PR and business.

31. Ketchum

Ketchum is a PR and marketing consulting firm with a blog that focuses on industry trends, successful campaigns, crisis management, and insights into effective storytelling. The blog offers in-depth articles, case studies, and expert opinions that provide readers with insider knowledge and practical advice. By sharing real-world examples and expert perspectives, the blog will help you stay updated on the latest PR and communication techniques. It is beneficial for PR practitioners and marketers looking to enhance their skills and gain inspiration.

32. Cyber PR Blog

If you're in the music PR industry or just love music, this blog is perfect for you. Cyber PR supports musicians and music-related brands by providing services in publicity, artist development, and marketing strategies. Unlike most blogs, it focuses specifically on the music niche, offering a look into the music scene through the lens of PR. Also catering to beginners, the blog discusses how to create the perfect pitches and use AI to automate tasks specifically for artists.

33. Resonates

Resonates is a marketing and PR firm whose team shares their experience and thoughts on PR through their blog. The blog has a focus on cleantech as well as general PR news and is excellent for beginners, professionals, and brands. If you’re new to PR, we recommend you filter through their guides about best practices, copywriting, and marketing planning. Professionals can filter the blogs cleantech, agency, and public relations series that can give advice and resources you can use in your career.

34. wiredPRworks

Combining social media, PR, and branding, Barbara Rozgonyi expands the conversations in the wiredPRworks blog. The blog offers content to help readers become better communicators and storytellers by providing practical tips and advice on various topics. Some topics covered include becoming a LinkedIn expert, foundational elements of public relations projects, and podcasting tips for bloggers. This blog is coupled with engaging community interactions, making it a beneficial resource for individuals looking to boost their visibility and communication skills.

35. Axia Public Relations

Axia Public Relations stands as one of the most effortless PR blogs to read. Axia’s blog closely looks at current news, tips, and corporate communications. The articles in itself are straightforward, using bullet points and short sentences for easy reading. The blog also provides an audio version for those who prefer to listen with each audio version transcribed into text. Recognized as one of the 100 Best Public Relations Blogs for 2023, according to FeedSpot, this blog is a trusted source for professionals and enthusiasts.

36. PRMoment

The PRmoment blog offers short, insightful articles you can read in about a minute. The content is quick and to the point, ensuring you get essential information without spending too much time. The blog provides valuable industry insights and expert tips, making it a convenient and efficient resource for busy PR professionals looking to stay informed. While the blog isn’t updated frequently, it's still valuable to explore previous posts.

37. BrookLine Public Relations

BrookLine’s public relations blog unravels the latest PR developments, sticking to niche Canadian stories while exploring a handful of global topics. The blog acts as a blend of a guide and a conversational blog, weaving together engaging stories and the PR lessons we can learn from them. The writing style is casual and informal, which creates an approachable reading experience. This blog is an ideal source for beginners and professionals wanting to stay informed while enjoying an insightful reading journey.

38. The Muck Rack Blog

The Muck Rack blog is a great resource to learn more about media relations. The blog consists of the Muck Rack media monitoring software and company news, but there are quite a few blogs pertaining to media relations and measuring success that you can shift through. These provide beginner-friendly content such as checklists and guides for choosing PR software, creating pitches, and the fundamentals of PR reporting.

39. Firefly Communications

Firefly is a PR and communications firm focusing on technology. The Firefly blog goes beyond this focus with a plethora of topics such as ethics, PR tips and tools, social media, crisis communication, and more. The blogs are short yet informative, perfect if you don’t have too much time. We recommend checking out its ‘And Finally…’ series for an entertaining and insightful read.

40. Napier B2B

With the Napier B2B blog, you can explore viewpoints on PR and marketing within the realm of technology. Their blog has been a reliable source of information for marketing managers in the electronics component industry since 2004. It consists of all things B2B and technology and AI news in Europe. The blog also occasionally includes interviews with industry experts that you can listen to or read along in the blog.

41. Prohibition PR

Prohibition PR’s blog brings in frequently updated social media and PR news as well as guides. You can follow the blog whether you’re a newbie wanting to learn more about the industry or an expert wanting to stay in the loop. While the blog doesn’t offer many tools, it does a great job of rounding up topics such as agency news, influencer marketing, and crisis management. The blog also gives an overview of their podcast with guest interviews, which can be especially helpful to stay well-versed.

42. Beehive Strategic Communications

Beehive’s blog features PR-related topics from strategic communication and crisis response to social impact. While a handful of blogs focus more on Beehive’s strategies, most detail the importance of being crisis-ready and how to improve leadership and communication skills in media relations. It addresses the nuances that define what it means to be a PR expert.

43. Burrelles

If you like structured and longer detailed blogs, consider Burrelles’s blog. These are well organized and have a mix of informative articles and informal blogs. The blog mostly covers technology and general PR and media relations topics such as content marketing, ethics, mental health, and social media. The blog does a great job of explaining complex ideas in simple terms despite the blogs being content-heavy.

44. Idea Grove

Idea Grove, based in Dallas, is a PR and communications agency focusing on creating unique brands and increasing clients' visibility through the sound of voice. Its blogs cover brand strategy, SEO, social media, and Slack chats. These are easy to follow and offer tips and explanations. Each blog is also easy to navigate with overviews, so you can go back or skip ahead. Idea Grove also offers interactive webinars and podcast overviews, so you have access to a comprehensive range of PR tools and knowledge.


BLND is a boutique PR firm specializing in traditional PR, branding and web design, and social media management. BLND’s blog addresses PR experts, social media managers, and brands looking into improving their exposure and reach. Its content accordingly conveys topics around crafting winning strategies, media interviews, personal branding, and more. This encyclopedic content offers practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of modern communication strategies.

46. What’s Happening? The Hoffman Agency Blog

This PR blog from the Hoffman Agency provides a glimpse into the real experiences and growth journeys of interns and professionals. It covers various topics, including personal reflections, professional development, mental health awareness, and cultural experiences. You can gain valuable perspectives on the challenges and successes faced by individuals in the field through these diverse stories. The blog acts as a window into the everyday realities of working in PR, offering relatable narratives that resonate with aspiring PR professionals and those already established in the industry.

47. Communiqué PR

Communiqué’s PR blog provides insightful articles focusing on different aspects of public relations and the industry's challenges. The posts cover audience engagement strategies inspired by professionals, coping with pressure and stress in high-pressure marketing environments, and the impact of AI. The blog also offers how-to’s, such as building and maintaining relationships with journalists and handling media coverage for clients. It’s ideal for PR professionals and marketers as it offers practical advice, real-world examples, and strategies to navigate the complexities of PR.

48. Berkeley Global PR Blog

Berkeley PR blog offers a range of resources and stories related to PR and technology. Covering topics like AI, media relations, storytelling, and influencer marketing. It also goes into contemporary communication challenges and trends. Its ‘Humans of Berkeley’ series is especially fascinating, adding a unique touch. This is a valuable resource for PR professionals and enthusiasts seeking relevant and up-to-date information in the fast-paced world of PR.

49. Dittoe PR

Whether it's discussing the latest trends in social media platforms like Threads by Meta or analyzing successful PR tactics employed in major marketing campaigns like the Barbie movie, Dittoe’s PR blog offers practical takeaways and real-life examples. It covers social media management, brand strategies, and award-winning PR campaigns. The blog also provides updates on job opportunities in the PR field, making it a helpful hub for career growth.

50. Bad Pitch Blog

Through real-life examples and expert analysis, the Bad Pitch blog, started in 2006, explores topics ranging from bad pitches and misleading headlines to the evolving landscape of crisis communications. The blogs dissect these issues and guide PR practitioners, refine their pitches, and navigate media interactions. Its candid approach and practical advice make it an essential read for anyone involved in public relations.


Now that you’re equipped with a list of the best PR blogs of 2024 that offer a mix of general insights and technical expertise, you have invaluable resources for understanding the latest PR trends. Engaging with PR blogs isn't just about staying informed, it's also about learning the intricacies of social impact and digital communication. Share your favorite blogs in our comments in case we missed it.

For those of you eager for more reading, read our featured article, where we get into the best PR newsletters for even more curated content and insights. In the meantime, use this blog to discover fresh perspectives and engage with the PR community online. Happy reading!

Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRHive

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