20 best PR podcasts you should listen to in 2024 {And episodes}

Have you ever been curious about what happens behind the scenes of successful PR campaigns like Spotify’s yearly #Wrapped and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’? or how professionals handle crisis communication? Podcasts can give you a front-row seat into industry insights. Here’s a rundown of the top PR podcasts you should listen to in 2024.

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PR Podcasts are not short in supply, with experts like Gini Dietrich and Stacy Smith covering specialized topics such as business growth, cyber security, and insider experience. Public relations is a dynamic industry where trends are always changing, and we see new and creative ways of handling public sentiments. This makes podcasts an excellent and effortless source to stay in the loop with the latest PR strategies.

To help you navigate this, we have a collection of the 20 best PR podcasts that highlight the essence of public relations, including specific episodes that unravel the secrets of creating compelling brand narratives.

1. Become A Media Maven with Christina Nicholson

If you're feeling uncertain about when to invest time and money into your brand, Christina Nicholson goes into the fundamentals of DIY PR in her podcast, Become A Media Maven. The show gives listeners the confidence to invest in themselves, garner brand attention, and increase revenue through sales and leads. Nicholson is a former TV reporter turned PR agency owner who shares her journey from PR novice to veteran, offering direct and candid advice to her audience.

With over 200 episodes, the podcast will help listeners enhance their PR knowledge and apply it to their brand. Nicholson goes beyond discussing media exposure and provides valuable resources that PR professionals need, addressing results, concerns, challenges, and how to make smart investments in yourself. If you're discovering the podcast for the first time, check out the episode titled 'Changing Your Mindset About Money' where Nicholson shares her experiences with money anxiety and offers three solutions to overcome that mindset.

Screenshot of Become A Media Maven with Christina Nicholson

2. People buy People with Laura Sutherland

People Buy People is a straight-to-the-point podcast that discusses how we buy into people’s personalities and how to make them sellable. Host Laura Sutherland talks to a range of business owners and PR professionals who give a fresh perspective on sustainable business, covering areas like people, environment, skills, culture, and beyond.

The appeal of this podcast is that it gives listeners the confidence to dive into PR while addressing the gritty technical parts. PR guests openly talk about their mistakes and challenges and offer ways to see opportunities, even in crisis. To start, listen to this episode, where Sutherland speaks to Mandy Pearse, an award-winning PR and marketing consultant, about working solo. They get into the perks of having a solo business while managing all the extras on your own.

3. The Public Relations Podcast with Richard Midson

While some podcasts often feel like long, tedious lectures, The Public Relations Podcast feels much more like a close-knit study group. It's not your typical chat show where hosts and guests discuss a specialized area. Instead, Richard Midson and his guests deconstruct PR stories and campaigns they haven’t heard before. They brainstorm and dissect stories, offering their perspectives on the PR strategies being used and how to improve them.

The weekly podcast is stocked with episodes where Midson explores all there is to learn from a PR campaign. As a start, listen to the episode, titled ‘The Mindset of Journalists: From a journalist who is also a PR,’ where Midson and Funmi Lijadu talk about how to think like journalists and how to reach out to them.

Screenshot of The Public Relations Podcast with Richard Midson

4. The PRovoke Podcast with PRovoke Media

If you’re a PR fiend interested in a wide range of topics rather than specific how-to’s, The Provoke Podcast offers just that. Hosted by PRovoke Media editors, the podcast covers a broad spectrum with titles like ‘PR Succession Lines And The Next Generation Of Leaders,’ ‘PR in Ukraine, One Year After the Invasion,’ and ‘Breaking Through The B2B Through Leadership Noise.’ While the topics are diverse, each 25 to 30-minute episode closely examines specific stories.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the global PR industry and how it is woven into the social and political arenas. By exploring current events, they examine how PR shapes these stories to help listeners better understand the world around them. As a starting point, listen to the episode ‘The Future Of Cognitive AI And Its Role In Protecting Brands’. It explores how Limbik, an AI company that identifies information threats, has created a cognitive AI platform that assesses the credibility, virality, and influence of foreign sources.

5. The Spin Sucks Podcast with Gini Dietrich

The Spin Sucks Podcast is a self-proclaimed “one-stop shop for modern communications” and certainly lives up to its claim. The podcast is hosted by Gini Dietrich, a seasoned professional and creator of the famous PESO model. It feels conversational and witty, yet she provides information significant to PR and thought leadership. The pull factor for this podcast is that each episode typically only averages 10 minutes, but in that time, Dietrich offers practical information using examples and her own experience. She becomes your mentor and gives genuine advice without overcomplicating things.

While there are plenty of episodes that are helpful and engaging, we recommend you start here with ‘Reputation Is Everything. Your Crisis Communications Plans Can Protect It.’ Dietrich explains why investing resources in a crisis plan is like having reputational insurance.

Screenshot of The Spin Sucks Podcast with Gini Dietrich

6. PR Talk with Amy Rosenberg

If you like a classic interview-style podcast that isn’t too drawn-out, PR Talk features media personalities who discuss how they craft engaging and informative stories. If you want a more detailed resource alongside the podcast, host Amy Rosenberg also wrote ‘A Modern Guide to Public Relations’ as a companion to the podcast, where she shares her advice on the practices of PR.

While the podcast ended in July 2023, after six and a half years, 192 episodes are waiting to be heard. We recommend starting with ‘Focusing On What You Can Control with Jenn Hanson-dePaula’ where Hanson-dePaula, owner of a book-marketing company, and Rosenberg discuss how brands, organizations, and individuals can market themselves in the digital world.

7. We Earn Media with Britt & Jackie

While textbook PR strategies help build a foundation, personal tactics that are used by many professionals are equally crucial. We Earn Media is hosted by Britt Klontz and Jackie Lambert and focuses on earned media, interviewing, and discussing personal preferences with media professionals. With this podcast, you can find countless exclusive strategies and advice, all in one convenient spot. The bi-weekly episodes offer insights from journalists who answer questions like how to pitch a story, which stories are most likely to get picked, and whether you should expect to hear back.

Episode 46, titled ‘Pitch a TechCrunch Writer with Amanda Silberling,’ exemplifies how listeners can use the podcast as a resource. Klontz and Lambert engage in conversation with Silberling, discussing her decision to accept a pitch from a social app despite its limited funding.

Screenshot of We Earn Media with Britt & Jackie

8. The PR Week with Steve & Frank

This podcast stems from The PR Week publication, where each week, PR Week’s editorial director Steve Barrett, and executive editor, Frank Washkuch, review top news stories. Rather than a guidebook about the ins and outs of PR, it exemplifies how the news is shaped by PR. It’s great for both beginners and experts and offers a plethora of topics, from AI and football season to healthcare and politics.

This sets itself apart from typical PR podcasts that are more instructional, making it an engaging listen for everyone. Because the podcast reviews weekly new stories, we recommend you start from the latest episode release for the most candid experience. It feels relaxed and casual, almost like you're a part of a friendly round-table discussion.

9. The Friday Reporter with Lisa Camooso Miller

The Friday Reporter, hosted by Lisa Camooso Miller, looks at PR through the reporter's lens. The podcast aims to 'help audiences better understand the media.' This perspective leaves the traditional pitches behind, giving you newer modern strategies. It mainly looks at political communication but also explores trends within the industry, like entertainment and climate news.

Start with this episode 'Campaign Pitch? Super Bowl Only for Olivia Morley' where Olivia Morley, a senior reporter, talks about her journey in the PR industry and discusses the different contours of the changing industry. Morley’s perspective is beneficial because she speaks from a PR and journalist perspective and discusses how to make a pitch land.

Screenshot of The Friday Reporter with Lisa Camooso Miller

10. The Crux Podcast with Mike & Gary

If you're already familiar with the industry, The Crux is an ideal listen. The podcast addresses global issues, business, and politics. Hosted by Mike Fernandez and Gary Sheffer, they talk to PR experts about how to manage and prioritize PR in different situations. It is produced by Boston University’s College of Communications, and feels like an engaging university seminar, meaning you learn everything there is to know about how communications is handled in global events.

To begin, check out episode 74 with Michelle Giuda 'On global issues, there is no “friction-less” path.' In this episode, they discuss the Russia-Ukraine war and explore what big companies must consider for their reputation and safety and how a company can contribute to national security.

11. FuturePRoof Podcast with Mr & Mrs Waddington

Hosts and couple Stephan and Sarah Waddington started FuturePRoof with the goal of being inclusive and diverse in what they felt was a closed-off PR industry driven by finance and networking. If you prefer to do things by the book and are already a couple of years into your PR career, this podcast will give you a reminder of the inherent values of PR and why it's important to expand the standard of professionalism in the industry.

Listen to episode 17, 'Can I go back to the office yet?' It’s a perfect example of how the Waddington’s discuss PR against news like the royal British protocol, the future of the office during Covid-19, and budget highlights. While most PR podcasts merge public relations with marketing and advertising, this podcast is strictly focused on PR.

Screenshot of FuturePRoof Podcast with Mr & Mrs Waddington

12. Pitch Perfect with Jaimie Abbott

Jaimie Abbott is a public speaker and a PR expert, making the Pitch Perfect podcast an easy listen for anyone wanting a lively conversation about PR and effective strategies. It explores creative ways of marketing, discussing fresh ideas and what works in business. The weekly podcast gives insightful talks with experts in the field, interesting conversations, and practical tips that you can use in your work.

Rather than sticking to basics like storytelling and revenue, Abbott discusses personal and business finance and effective leadership. As a start, listen to episode 63, ‘Your 5 Step RESET by Delegating & Outsourcing’ where Michelle Broadbent, a seasoned business strategist, discusses time management for business and personal life, whether that's outsourcing a bookkeeper for your business or a cleaner for your home.

13. Marketing Over Coffee with John & Chris

Public relations and marketing mingle in many ways, especially in boosting brand awareness and understanding the audience. Rather than a textbook run-down of PR, if you want to expand your understanding of the growing industry and changing audience, Marketing Over Coffee discusses society and culture with weekly conversations about the latest tech developments. The show is hosted by John J. Wall, a marketing and sales expert, and co-hosted by Christopher S. Penn, a marketing and data scientist. In their words, they give “the kinds of marketing tips and tricks that you can only get from casual conversation outside of the office.”

As a start, listen to this episode with Erin Clift, CMO of Waze. They discuss the media and content in combination with people's motivations. They explore consumer marketing, data, and decisions based on psychology. It translates complex topics into simple conversations.

Screenshot of Marketing Over Coffee with John & Chris

14. PRmoment Podcast with PRmoment

If conversations and how-to’s don’t hold your attention, PRmoment has a series of life story interviews focused on PR in the UK. Topics are usually closely related to PR with stories spanning from women in PR, education versus experience, and scaling independent PR firms. Each episode also includes timestamps for a better learning experience and a monthly series about insights on consumer PR and updates on pitches and mergers in the UK PR scene.

We recommend starting with the Hindsight series, where host Ben Smith and his guests reveal the insider tips they wish they had known when they started their careers. Start with this episode with Mitch Kaye, co-founder of The Academy, a PR agency, who talks about his experience working for prominent companies like Amazon, Marvel, Activision, and Disney.

15. On Top of PR with Jason Mudd

What a lot of people want to figure out about PR is how to earn media coverage. On Top of PR nails this by decoding what journalists are after, what stories they want to tell, and what the audience wants to know. Host Jason Mudd and his guests spill the beans on the best media tricks and market trends while keeping it real and spontaneous.

This video podcast stands out because the guests share practical tips that can help small PR firms and brands. They talk about unique topics from which you can gain insider knowledge for your own workspace. Start with this episode. Mudd and Kim Ades discuss how to recruit and retain young PR professionals by understanding how they lose top talent, promoting mental well-being, and understanding the limits of empathy.

16. Inside PR with Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, & Martin Waxman

Inside PR is a part of the popular For Immediate Release network known as the ‘podcast for communicators’. If you like the Spins Sucks podcast, it follows a similar pattern with bi-weekly discussions about communications, social media, digital marketing, and how PR fits into it. The show is hosted by PR pros Gini Dietrich (host of Spins Sucks), Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman, who are all communications strategists.

Start with episode 157 where they talk about the favorite tools for comms experts. They give helpful tips on project management tools and how to adopt them, whether you’re working remotely or you prefer old-fashioned methods.

17. Digiday Podcast with Kimeko McCoy

Digiday podcast is a well-produced and researched digital comms podcast that offers a candid experience with trend breakdowns and guests like influencers and content creators. Hosted by Kayleigh Barber and new-co host Kimeko McCoy, it brings a forward-thinking perspective and a new look at how brands and agencies can thrive in the digital world.

Listen to ‘Digiday editors discuss the top trends from summer 2023’, which are trends like made-for-advertising sites, the SAG-AFTRA strikes, and generative AI. This podcast is informative and entertaining because of the topics they cover, such as brand safety, gaming and esports, TV briefing, and economic instability.

18. Stories and Strategies for Public Relations with Doug Downs

Stories and Strategies for Public Relations, hosted by Doug Downs, gets into the vital role of cooperation in PR. If you're curious about how human connections influence PR, this podcast is perfect. Downs explores concepts like the nudge theory, industry representation challenges, and ethics, discussing how these shape an organization's success.

Unlike other PR podcasts, this one sets a vibrant atmosphere and will put you in the mood for listening and learning. Start with this episode ‘Harnessing the Influence of Wikipedia for Your Brand’ where Downs and guest Rhiannon Ruff, founder of a digital agency, chat about using Wikipedia for PR and SEO. Ruff also debunks the age-old misconception that Wikipedia is not a reliable source and talks about how to get brand presence from Wikipedia.

19. PR Yourself with Leah Frazier

Three Think Media CEO Leah Frazier hosts this incredibly engaging podcast that removes all the mystery from PR. Frazier sets a chatty and casual mood, discussing how to execute consistent and genuine PR for your brand with trending topics and guests. She’ll give you the motivation for starting your PR journey, whether it's for yourself, your brand, or a career with topics like cancel culture, PR trends, and thought leadership.

Listen to the episode ‘Buying The IG or Twitter Verified ‘Blue Check’: Yes or No?’ where Fraizer is joined by Dr. Jada Jackson as they look at what they call a ‘blue check phenomenon’ and just how beneficial it is for a brand.

20. PR Hangover by GV PRESSA

Originally designed as a Thursday recap session for a Public Relations Student Society, PR Hangover turned into a bi-weekly podcast with insights covering everything about PR, from strategies to interviews. What sets this podcast apart is that it’s created by students, specifically for students. Whether you're new to PR, currently studying it, or just considering a future in the industry, this podcast provides valuable, realistic advice to help you determine if it's the right fit for you.

The show is hosted by the Grand Valley State University's public relations society and touches on student-focused subjects and PR basics. As a starting point, listen to the first episode of a new series where two transfer students are interviewed as they share their experience of studying public relations and how they chose their path.

Time to explore the different PR podcasts

Now that you have this list, you're set to discover your new go-to PR podcast with an episode already lined up. From in-depth discussions about successful brand narratives to specialized tactics, use these to get to the industry’s core and stay updated.

Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRHive

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